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HTC Aria Review : Getting to Know You

So the HTC Aria has been with me for a few days now (four days to be exact). And I am happy to report that we have progressed quite smoothly since my initial introduction to it, where I had a very enjoyable time appraising it's looks (click here to read). My fingers have developed quite a familiar touch towards the HTC Aria, and I have discovered several interesting things about the HTC Aria which I am eager to share with you.

I have much that I want to write about, but to avoid making you scroll down a very very long post, I shall segregrate my discoveries into a few posts to make your reading easier. Therefore, this post will cover the general features and functions of the HTC Aria which has been yielded to me so far.

So starting from the basics. I have been using the HTC Aria to make calls and send texts. Calls made using the HTC Aria have lesser background noise compared to my old phone and the loudspeaker is quite clear. However, I discovered that it is a good idea to press the screen-lock button on the top right during your call because the touch-sensitive screen can be activated by your face pressing on it.

The touch-screen being still active during calls isn't a bad thing though because you can still use the phone as normal while making calls; I did it by plugging in the hands-free and *walah!!* I had both hands free to type texts while talking on the phone. This is useful for busy people who have to talk on the phone and send e-mails at the same time.

Ring ring!!Who's calling??
One of the cool features in the HTC Aria is that the phone ringing automatically becomes softer when you pick up or move the phone. You can even entirely mute the ringing by flipping it!! This can save you from embarrassment if you forget to put on silent mode.

I absolutely LOVE typing text with the HTC Aria!! The texts are showed on screen in a conversation mode much like MSN. So you won't have to open 'sent messages' to remember what topic you were talking with your friend about when you text too many people at once. (Speaking as a very very heavy sms-er!!)I know many people are wary of touch-screen phones because the touch keypads are often very tiny and makes typing correctly a challenge because you can't feel what key you are pressing and often, the touch sensors sense differently from where you meant to press. Well, with the HTC Aria's very intelligent predictive text input, typing on the touch QWERTY keypad is a breeze!! It automatically predicts and corrects your typing for you, enabling you to use it with confidence!!

Predictive Text Input!!

For those who might find the keypad too small, the accelerometer sensor for UI auto-rotate can turn the keypad horizontally for you, for a bigger keypad!!

The HTC Aria's display can be personalised to show off personal style and for convenience purposes. The home display allows you space to add shortcuts. Meanwhile, if you swipe the screen to the left or right, there is additional empty space for you to put widgets, shortcuts or folders.

Main display

All the other display pages!!

There's one for you to put your favourite contacts for speed dialling!!

And another one which shows the weather. It's pretty accurate!!

The music player of the HTC Aria allows you to play MP3, MP4, WAV (most important is MP3!!) etc etc, and you can see album art on it (I like this!!). the speakers project surprisingly good sound, much better quality compared to some phones which are purposely manufactured for media playing.
I had some trouble setting music as my ringtone, but finally discovered that it can be done very easily through the music player. There is even an option for you to trim the music so that your ringtone is the favourite part of the song. Cool!!

The HTC Aria comes with a 5 MP, 2592 x 1944 pixels camera with auto focus, face detection, video recording and geo-tagging. I have not fully put the camera function to work but I have taken some random pictures to give you an idea of the photo quality.

Raw, unedited photos taken with the HTC Aria Camera.
(click to see full size)

The camera does not come with a LED flash, though. Not that I use the flash for photos but the LED light is very useful as a flashlight for seeing in the dark. (LOL, don't throw eggs at me!!!)

You can opt to use your service provider's data plan or WiFi for internet browsing on the HTC Aria. The HTML browser allows you to browse and view web pages much like browsing on a computer. It may appear small but you can enlarge it by pinching the screen or adjust the settings for the font sizes.

My blog on the HTC Aria!!!

Check the stock market on it too!!!

Since the HTC Aria runs on the Android, Gooogle Maps, GMail and Google Search are a great feature of the HTC Aria. It can tell me where I am!! Useful for a person with pretty bad sense of direction. *point points at self*

That's not all!!! Let me introduce the Android Market, which in my opinion, the most exciting feature of the HTC Aria!!! The Android Market allows you to download and install applications into the HTC Aria. With over 50,000 apps and counting in the Android Market, it opens a world of possibilities literally at your fingertips!!!

I quickly downloaded very important apps on the first day itself. LOL!!
I have lot more to tell about regarding this area but it will all have to be included on a seperate post itself, since it is moving to the more advanced functions and features of the HTC Aria. Are you impressed with the HTC Aria so far?? Well, I promise that it's only going to get more interesting from here onwards. So stay with me as I continue exploring and revealing the HTC Aria!!!

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