Sunday, 21 November 2010

Dessert Parade

This is one of my draft dwelling posts which finally get posted up. I'm currently back in Ipoh preparing for the December 2010 ACCA examinations and my activities are just study, eat, know the drill. So I've nothing exciting to blog about live. For the sake of keeping my blog alive, I will just upload nice food pictures which I took weeks ago but didn't publish.

I have a lot of pictures of desserts so prepare to look at a lot of sweet stuff. These pictures were taken during the period where I was reviewing the HTC Aria (you can click here to read my reviews) and my updates were full of HTC Aria pictures. It seems rather a waste not to post them up. So yes, outdated I know but I need fillers to revive flagging interest in my blog. So here you go.

I've been told that I can practically be Paddington's ambassador since I'm always posting pictures of their 'Pot of Gold' here. Well, Paddington's is Ben and my chill out place and we like their tea-time set, where the 'Pot of Gold' is the most worth it. Check out the giant one we got the last time we were there:-

Then next are very colourful drinks pictures which I took in One Stop in Jalan Ipoh. Was there with Ben and his family for dinner. It was my second time there.

My drink
The purple stuff is dragonfruit and I've forgotten what the bottom part was.

This was Ben's very tropical tasting drink
We all liked it a lot; looks wise and taste wise.
Jessica even ordered a second one.Haha!!

The next dessert pictures are from House & Co in BSC. Ben's spectacles broke and he had to wear contacts while waiting for his replacement. Everyone kept telling him how much better he looked without his specs. Haha!!! Well, when it was time for him to collect the spectacles, I had to be the driver because he had to have his contacts off for at least half an hour before trying on the new pair. So there I was, navigating the roads in the Avanza to pick up Aunty from Bangsar Village before heading to BSC. felt a bit like taking my driving test again!! Only with a bigger car and 4 other people in the back. xP But I can happily report that I 'passed'. Even the parking part (I did reverse parking, don't play play!!). Anyway, pictures of CAKES!!!!

Layer cakes

The round round stuff on this one is those sweets/biscuit things I ate when I was a kid!!!

Mosit Chocolate Cake

Mars Bars Cheesecake

Okay, I made myself hungry typing this post. O:
But strictly NO SNACK for me at this hour because I actually gained weight when I came back. All that sitting around for hours at the table with my books. Sighh...I guess I'll just have to resign to this fate until exam is over...sadness. If only those pictures were edible.

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EeSoon said...
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EeSoon said...

awwwwww~~ when I see the pictures...
my heart is melting~~
my sliver is droping...

I want!!

nice shot by the way.

Hilda Milda™ said...

Oh gawd, yr post always got me hungry :P

domokun said...

omg the pot of gold look damn delicious XDXD how much izzit??lol

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