Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Oriental Treats and English Tea

The weather has been insanely HOT the past few days. It's so hot that I'm gonna die!!!! Ahem..alright, maybe a little exaggerated but thank goodness its starting to be less hot and the opposite extreme is happening. Rain rain rain!!!

I have been pretty busy recently. Been in The Gardens quite frequently without planning to. And did I mention that my poor iPod Touch has been sent for warranty. My poor part of the touch screen is no longer sensitive and the WiFi receptor doesn't seem to be working. And it's barely 6 months old!!!Image Hosted by The customer service guy told me chances are I would be getting a totally new unit for replacement because Apple doesn't normally do service and repair. Fingers crossed I'll get my iPod back fast!!!I miss it!!!

Anyway, let me put up random food pictures as is customary. I had Dragon-i's famous 'Xiao Long Bao' with Aunty when I accompanied her on one of her last minute travel prep shopping trips. Haven't had these yummy dumplings in a while. The skin was a little too thick that day but it still tasted so good fresh from the steaming:-

Xiao Long Bao

My dragon-fruit juice

On different day, Yoong and I met up for lunch in Sakae Sushi because she was craving Kakiage. Recently a lot of people have been hysterical over Japanese food and warning me about radiation poisoning. Sigh...honestly, there's nothing to be afraid of if you all will just read the news. I'm feeling alright and am still alive and blogging here, so don't worry.

My favourite salmon sashimi

Yoong's kakiage!!!

Totally random picture next.We saw this bird shit covered car on the way to the KTM station. Image Hosted by

Okay okay...sorry for ruining your drooling-ness over my food pictures. I have more food pictures from tea at San Terri's in Bangsar Village. Another separate occasion (this is what happens with blogging inconsistently.I pool all the pictures into one post).

My Black Sesame Mousse
My first time trying this and it was actually quite nice!!

Michelle's Oreo Cheese

Aunty's Green Tea

Okay. One draft down...more to go!!So stay with me!!!

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