Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Boxing Day Babe

Soon Ying officially joins the legal circle today!!!

The birthday girl...

This girl has been one of my closest friends since I made friends with her in Form 2. She was sitting in front of me and later became my table-mate in Form 3. The things that go on underneath our desks...(no groping..don't be dirty-minded.We smacked each other and gave each other red thighs.) I miss those days..
I'm not proud of this,but ever since we left school and furthered our studies in different places (Me stuck in hometown and she went to KL) we didn't keep in touch as much as close friends should. Occasional talks online,hurried sms-es..I felt really guilty but time and distance makes it hard. I can't even celebrate this significant birthday with her this year because her family has permanently moved to KL and she doesn't come to Ipoh anymore. Thankfully I do make trips to KL several times in a year,so there are chances we can met up.

So,Soon Ying aka Annie(never got that English name around my tongue)...
God bless you..
Hope you had a wonderful birthday celebration...

1 squeaked:

Soon Ying said...

thanks dear..for remembering my burfdae..
i'm so sorry tat we cant reali sms evryday..n online chat evrytime..
i'm having a hard time in kl me on tat..having to c all my frens wit their best frens n me without any is not an enjoyment..
anyway..wil try to sms u more when i reload..since i broke off wit my bf..

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