Tuesday, 25 December 2007


Christmas Day!!!
What did I do?? I woke up late;no jumping out of bed early because all presents were unwrapped the night before,and got ready for a brunch buffet. Yes...BRUNCH. We 'kiasu" Chinese want our money's worth;so the buffet would substitute breakfast AND lunch. Killing two birds with one stone,whacking two meals in one go...whichever way you want to put it.Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

My family (extended) gathered at my grandma's place before heading to the hotel.No..."kiasu" as we are,we weren't standing outside the restaurant waiting for the exact minute the buffet time starts. We're sensible people too..(self-praise). We waited for the concierge to seat us before milling around to check out the spread. One of my cousins;Khai Meng wasn't feeling very well (chose the wrong time to have a fever;poor guy) but he managed to eat two helpings of spaghetti,a plateful of turkey,a selection of dumplings,cakes and several glassfuls of water. Keep in mind he was SICK. Me,I helped myself to Christmas food;turkey,lamb,pudding...
Anyway, I stuffed myself until I couldn't eat anything till the next day's lunch.
My plate of meat and potatoes...

After eating all we can,we headed to the new Jusco shopping mall in Bukit Tinggi to absorb the atmosphere (and to digest our feast). And there was where I met my GOLLA...Image Hosted by ImageShack.usNo...not new boyfriend. A new purse for me!!!!!Before you raise eyebrows...I've been making do with worn-out purses for the whole year (my fault because I kept putting off buying new purse and stole my mum's old purses instead..). I also got a new pair of pants. My dad was breathing a sigh of relief (because his fickle daughter hates shopping for clothes and must be forced to choose her clothes).

After shopping,we went back to my grandma's to sit and talk. That about sums up my Christmas Day...

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