Sunday, 16 December 2007


I finally connected with my friend Esther Hoh (or to give her her 'new' name: Natasha Rylie) on MSN the previous day (her fault..I've been asking her for her e-mail add for MONTHS and she didn't even realise she had mine all along and never added me into her list) and we spent hours talking. Girl conversation..guys,school,friends,shopping and etc. etc.. and after about two hours into the conversation..weight loss came onto the picture. (Before you make assumptions, I'm not going to rant bout my weight)

I happened to be browsing in Deviantart and I looked for some funny dieting photos to show her but she off-ed before I could do so...Image Hosted by

But its OK..let me share them with you:-

Dieting is about SELF CONTROL!!!!
This is the reason
why I never succeeded in going vegetarian;even for a day..

They say,"Cutting down on meal portions is the best step."
Is this what they meant??The spirit is willing;
but what of the flesh??

There are shortcuts though...
but is it worth it to sacrifice your health??

Haha...I'm not against dieting. In fact I think it is good to watch what you eat (that is my new resolution) but there is no need to take yourself too seriously.
Its OK to indulge yourself once in a while (I do that too often though..hehe..) Enjoy life..keep healthy.


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