Thursday, 13 December 2007

Nice movie

This morning,I woke up at 8:30. Sounds early?? Its actually late...when you've got to send your cousin;who's got a class at 9 am,to college. Normally,if I were late..there'd be no more parking space. But today,the college was DESERTED. As in no STUDENTS. Only lecturers' cars in their respective parking lots. Sze Haw,Nasiha and me were the only 3 students in college. So there was my car...a lone orange vehicle in the row of empty student parking lots.

My orange baby...
(trust me...its metalic orange in real life...not red...)

I actually went to get forms for next years' college registration. The original plan had been to go there,get forms,wait for Sze Haw to finish class (at 12:30) and then go watch a movie with Abel. But due to sudden changes in the winds..(Sze Haw's class was cancelled) Sze Haw and me ended up in JJ at 11 am (Abel was still kissing his pillow). We kept quite busy..visited shops and bought what we wanted (black nail polish for me and lip balm for my cousin dearest..) and bought tickets for the 2 o'clock movie. It was LUCKY we bought the tickets early instead of waiting for Abel (who was STILL SLEEEEEPING!!!!!Despite our text messages from 9 to 11) because the ticket lines were snaking long when we went there at 1:45 before the start of the movie.

We watched The Golden Compass..

A lot of fuss has been made over it because the author (this movie was adapted from a book) is anti-Christ. I didn't really bothered,so I just sat back and watched. I haven't watched a movie in MONTHS. Back to the movie..I particularly enjoyed the graphics. I liked the CGI armoured bear; Igor. And I couldn't help thinking,"The Compass would make such a cool pocket watch!!!"

So that basically sums up my day...haha...

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