Tuesday, 22 April 2008


I got my charm-bracelet.
I really really love the charms which I picked out myself. Note the cute mini sewing-machine,cuckoo clock and jeweled slipper!!!!!I ordered it from this site:-


It has got some pretty cool accessories,bag charms and the like...all hand-made. The thing that makes this blog stand out (in my opinion) are the charms. Not only do they have a wide variety,most of the charms are unique and I've never seen another shop/stall/etc selling charms like theirs..

So girls,if you're interested in adding a total unique to your accessories,do take a look and feast your eyes on the cute miniatures there...and guys,ditch the 'soft-toy-for-a-girl-when-it's-her-birthday' routine and get creative.


Scary picture alert
Recently,quite a few people have commented that I look tired,my eye-bags are getting worst,my eyes have shadows underneath...you get the picture. Let me clarify something;of all the things that could have caused this..studying too much is definitely NOT the main factor.*SIGH* Can anyone recommend methods to reverse my increasing likeness to a panda/vengeful ghost/angry geek???

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