Saturday, 19 April 2008

Lot Snatchers!!!!!!!

today's lesson:


I was supposed to meet Louisa for lunch in JJ today. I had to drive since my mum didn't want to drop me off there. I'd expected the usual traffic jam but today's CAR TSUNAMI flooding the roads and the parking areas was a total baffler.

Inching my way through rows and rows of shiny vehicles,the sun reflecting of the metal surfaces into my eyes;I had to carefully maneuver my orange Saga pass several cars which were obviously properties of irresponsible people who were too impatient to wait for a proper parking lot to be vacated and just 'conveniently' parked in any space that was big enough to fit, regardless of the fact that it narrowed the two-lane road into a tiny little alleyway flanked by cars. It did not help that there were like 50 other drivers hunting for a parking place.

I would like to thank my driving instructor for his good coaching during my driving lessons. If he could have seen me handle the slopes while on the way to the roof-top parking...he would have been so proud of me. Note: my car is a MANUAL. My calf muscles were throbbing by the time I reached the roof-top, the repeated pressing on the clutch making itself known to my unfit leg. And *oh wow!!!!* I spotted a car just about to leave its place. I waited patiently for the car to drive off and was just releasing the hand-brake when,SUDDENLY...a blue car materialized in that,only seconds before,newly vacated lot.

Inconsiderate Mr Lot-Snatcher had totally ignored the fact I had taken 40 minutes to come upon this lot and nicely zoomed his blue Satria pass me and neatly parked in there. Boiling with suppressed rage and with the heat of the afternoon sun getting to me,I blared my horn and was in the process of shaking my fist and winding down the window when the fellow quickly jumped out, locked his car and ran towards the lifts. He was gone before I had shouted more than, "OII!!!!!!!!!" Of all the NERVE!!!!!

Left with no choice but to move on (there was a long line waiting behind me) I rounded the area for another 10 minutes before I spotted another vacant lot. I was just turning in when an old Toyota opposite turned in the same direction I was turning. Do I have *"Go on,steal my parking space!"* pasted somewhere on my car??? This was too much!!!!!!! I don't give a DAMN if Mr Lot-Snatcher wannabe was trying to impress the guy sitting next to him or the two girls in the passenger seat in the same car with him. Getting bullied TWICE in the span of 20 minutes is TOO MUCH!!

I revved up my engine and brought the car lurching towards the Toyota and stopped just short of crashing into his beaten up front. Leaning forward over my steering wheel and lifting up my shades to GLARE at the idiot behind the other car's wheel,I prepared to further defend this parking space. I was NOT going down without a fight. Mr Lot-Snatcher wannabe looked really stunned and I saw the two girls at the back pulling his sleeve and saying something to him. After a few seconds,he stared at me briefly before reversing and driving away;leaving me to the vacant parking lot which was rightfully mine to park in.

I was fuming all the way from the roof-top to Coffee-Bean. Just my luck to get preyed on by such donkeys. *GRRRRRR....* These people need a reminder on road ethics. Or maybe just a tight slap. (Oops...that just slipped out)

I realise that my actions of defiance could have lead to bad consequences. I don't plan to do repeat them. However,let me remind all you drivers that it is NOT cool to steal parking lots. If you think its funny,wait till somebody tries it on you and then laugh to your heart's content. Also, if you are victims of lot snatchers,don't meekly accept your fate each time. Size up the idiot behind the wheel and exercise your right. Letting it be will just encourage more behaviour of this kind.

Good Luck.

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the Neo Visualist said...

haha good for you Joyce. Stupid donkeys.

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