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Five basic human needs?

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A psychiatrist,William Glasser (1986) identified the 5 basic human needs which are:-

1. Survival
2. Belonging

4. Freedom
5. Fun

I came across this while browsing. Now,I'm no psychology expert;but this theory of his has made me realise something. My priorities basically revolve around all the needs except the first.

If we are talking about the literal meaning then I guess I really don
't think about it much. I take for granted that I don't have to worry about going to bed hungry. Quite the opposite. Perhaps I should be grateful that I don't stay in countries like Africa where basic things like food and water are scarce and people could get killed or die anytime. Being raised in a home where food,clothing and shelter has been provided by my parents,survival isn't a hard thing at all.

This was probably my biggest priority when I was younger. Its true when they say that kids are easy to please (excluding brats of course). Things which I found fun w
ere simple. Reading storybooks,playing board games,computer games and running around with my friends or cousins. Let me share something random. I hated going to tuitions because I didn't know anybody there (I went to this home tuition) and the teacher was this really soft-y type woman. I got so bored there that I would go and lock myself in the bathroom (she had a nice bathroom was huge and there were plants and even a carpet there;don't ask me why) and blow bubbles with the hand-washing liquid at the sink. See what I mean?? Blowing bubbles was fun. I did that when I was in Standard 3. And only at that tuition because other tuitions didn't bore me to that extent.


Going into the teen years,and all of the sudden,everything and everybody got....complicated??? NO,wait...was it me?? Things which weren't important in the past suddenly became important. The brand of clothes I wear,the number of 'popular' people I know,how often I 'hung out' and where...(don't pretend you never felt that way). Come on; who LIKES being the lone,awkward person who doesn't fit in??? No,I wasn'
t the Lone Ranger...neither was I Miss Social Butterfly. I admit;I wanted to be popular and 'IN'. I still do,but in a less superficial way..I want to be liked and respected. No point being the prettiest,best-dressed and everybody-knows-you when your girlfriends only hang onto you to be noticed by others and guys have as much respect for you an accessory for macho-ness. (My conclusion from observation)

I can't be trusted with power. I get carried away with authority given to me;be it as the Cleanliness Monitor (try drafting out a duty roster with 40 classmates all wanting the SAME duty) or the Decoration Head (how do you handle a girl who gives the excuse "My grandfather died." EACH TIME you ask her about assignment? . . . I yelled,"How many grandfathers do you have?!") Quoting Peter Parker, "With great power comes great responsibility." I don't enjoy responsibility; therefore power isn't very appealing YET. I can see myself
as the bossy lady boss who makes her workers stay on tenterhooks. But I don't want to BE that.

This is my most longed-for 'human need'. No,my parents aren't those nightmare,stalker types who control my every move. They're just strict and rather protective. Its not a bad thing. But, being 19 this year;I just want a change of environment. I want to feel what it's like to be independant. To make my own decisions without having to ask permis
sion and giving long,long explanations of my plans. (little things like meeting up with old friends and that sort). Not to be questioned about why I do things the way I do (e.g I do my studying at night,when they're asleep.So,they assume I never study since they don't see me doing it in front of them *sigh* ). Restless?? Rebellious?? I feel a mixture of both whenever I decline an invitation to go out because I'm too lazy to have to ask and explain and give names just to go out for a night with friends.


The arrangement of my needs vary. But like all things..there must be a balance.I think,no matter what order you put them,the end result which is ideal to us is HAPPINESS.


All that I've typed here are my thoughts.
No intended discrimination or shot at anyone.
Forgive me for any offense.
I need more sleep.

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