Saturday, 12 April 2008


Oh my goodness...
Believe me when I say I'm NOT going to make 'updating-my-blog-once-a-week' a ritual. My computer and streamyx has been rebelling the whole week. Its been a nightmare.

My dad decided to reformat the computer because the hard drive was just too messed up. Years of accumulated downloaded/saved/copied/edited files,softwares and all sorts of documents were everywhere and there was this system error that kept causing the computer to restart on its own. My dad wiped the whole system clean;which meant I had to reinstall everything i.e. Mozilla,Messenger, get the picture.

And just as I had everything installed,I stupidly fell for this circulating virus on MSN. A reminder again,don't simply open files which are sent by your 'friend' which supposedly contains some picture of you. Anyway,the virus got into my system and slowed down the whole thing even though I did a 'search and destroy' on the whole computer. Very annoying.

Then, there seemed to be a problem with my internet connection which gave me a total headache. And just as I thought it couldn't get worst;my dad decided to get a new and bigger hard disk (or was it drive???). This explains my online absence.

As I'm typing this...I'm reinstalling all my stuff again. Windows Live Messenger is a particular problem because I don't want the latest version. I want the old version which I've been using for the past year. *sighs*

Forgive my blog neglect.
It was not intentional.
Besides,nothing much happened;except the exams are another week nearer.


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chrys said...

hey joycey joyce.. haha when u said u did a search and destroy on ur whole computer, i thought u were sayin u destroyed ur whole comp or something. my eyes cacat. anyway, all the best for your exams =)

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