Friday, 4 April 2008

Eat,eat,eat and EAT!!!!!!

Sorry people..
I've been really busy plus my computer went into depression (it blanked out and refused to start up) . Really sorry for the silence. My week has been totally mad AND...
This week feels like an EATING SPREE!!

Before I fill you in on my 'stuff-myself-silly' food's a nice picture from the Good Friday service. (Lets be vain...I look horrible in the other photos *bleurgh*)


I got this 'buy one,free one' sms voucher thing for Sushi King from Choong Lin,who's even more of a sushi junkie then me. (If you're interested,tell me..I can send you the code too). That sms came at the perfect time. Miss Chrys was back for the week. We didn't get to do breakfast together in the customary B Gang style,so we decided to test if the sms voucher really worked.

Since it was 'buy one,free one' we didn't hesitate to grab the purple plates of sushi.

Purple plate = RM6 = most expensive
Sze Haw and I thought Chrys how to appreciate 'unagi' (eel), 'ebiko' (fish roe) and 'tako' (baby octopus). Thats basically what she agreed to try at our recommen
dation. She refused the yummy 'sashimi (salmon),and gagged at the sight of my lovely prawn 'tempura'.Image Hosted by

Anyway,we ate more than RM80 worth of sushi and paid only half of the amount thanks to the voucher. Took a walk around JJ where we saw my DREAM HOODIE in MNG. And Chrys sponsored us ice-cream at McD's before we went home *YAY!!* Too lazy to upload so many pictures so I just compiled them all and uploaded them as one picture.

Pictures courtesy of Chrys's blog were I excluded some sneaky camera work of me and Sze Haw
Leave me out of the sneaky lens war you guys!!!
I went for ANOTHER sushi stuff in with Sze Haw and Nasiha (another sushi junkie...YAY!!!) and repeated pretty much the same scenes of sushi grabbing. Only,we didn't chalk up such a high bill this time. I burnt a big hole in my purse after buying the hoodie.


ROSEY came back!!!!
Stupid fellow attempted to surprise us but he didn't get the open mouthed,eyes popping,squealing,"XIAAAANNNNNN!!!!You're baaaaaackkkk!!!!" reaction from us. HAH!! Nice to have our rosy-posey back. And since he was groaning about wanting Ma-lai-SIA food...we dragged him out for breakfast. True B Gang style. Here's Xian finishing his 'chee cheong fun' with gusto:-
No pictures of three because Xian didn't want me in them and kept CUTTING ME OFF!!!Image Hosted by
Hmph..Never mind,a nice picture with coussie will do.


May Yan made one of her stunning appearances into our tranquil routines in college. Sneaked into the library with gizzard nuggets without an ID,traumatized Gerard with 'womens' talk.And out of the blue she wanted to have steamboat at 2 plus 1. 2 plus 1 is an all-you-can-eat steamboat/hotplate buffet. Only RM18.50 per head and the variety there is mouth-watering. Stingy me didn't want to go at first but thanks to my totally SUPER aunt (Sze Haw's mum sponsored both of us) we geared ourselves up for a food attack. I was dressed in t-shirt and sweatpants for a two-hour boiling and sizzling food by the road session. My mum saw me and went, "Why are you wearing your pyjamas to go out for dinner with your friends?"Image Hosted by ImageShack.usTalk about a knife in the heart.

I was a total carnivore.
Beef, pork, squid, chicken, fish, stingray, lamb, meatballs, fishballs and sausages went in quick succession. YUM YUM. We were all yelping while cooking the stuff on the hotplate because the oil kept spattering on out fingers. And the steam and smoke seemed to be playing a game with us. It kept blowing into each of our faces in turn and we were moving round the table like we were playing some rotating steamboat game. Mushrooms and seaweed were thrown into the pot too. There was even spaghetti served there but I didn't dare take it after eating so much meat. I settled on the cooling watermelon cubes and ice-cream for dessert. Followed by home-made mango pudding (very very YUMMY!!!).

Sze Haw whipped out the camera after we were finished and the table looked as though 6 people had just finished eating;not three. Look at the pictures and judge for yourselves. I went home feeling as if I was pregnant with food. Couldn't sleep and didn't dare drink too much water in case I spewed it all out into the toilet bowl. Its lucky I don't eat steamboat on a regular basis. I'd bankrupt the restaurant owner and die of obesity.


A totally crazy week.
Stuffed my face too much. Must top up on the swimming time.
Anyway,let me show you some 'masterpieces' of Gerard.

Nasiha left her purse in my care
and Gerard opposite me decided to get artistic with her RM notes.
Who's fantasizing?
**Oops,sorry..private joke with Nasiha.Couldn't resist. ;)


OK..that's a wrap.
End of report about EATING WEEK.
Anybody knows of a good detox programme???

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