Sunday, 17 February 2008

For 10 bucks and a friend...

I continue from my mysterious previous post about what I did yesterday morning..(Its still mysterious if you haven't read Chrys's or Sze Haw's blog.). I have snitched these pictures from both their blogs.Now take a look at the compilation I did here:-
Yes,I know you must be wondering,"Didn't she write yesterday MORNING??" No,I haven't had more than my share of vodka. Well,yesterday's breakfast was Chrys's treat because it was going to be her last breakfast with us for months to come since she's returning to KL to start new sem in Monash U.Can be considered as farewell party too;as the picture above was labeled.

But of course,there was more to it than that meets the eye.We were there to help Chrys get RM10.For those of you who're in the dark,Nuffnag (advertising company) having this competition called "I sleep better with Chipster." Chrys wanted to enter to get a consol prize if RM10 and we(the supportive friends) supported her.Like the title suggested,you have to write this story complete with pictures to explain why you sleep better with 'Chipster' (a potato chip brand).

Chrys came up with this brilliant storyline about her partying,drinking booze on an empty stomach,getting stomach cramps and CHIPSTER SAVES THE DAY!!!And she actually persuaded us to go to her house,dress up,get into party mode and have a photo shoot to illustrate her story.(Darn!!I just realized that the breakfast was a bribe..just kidding) OK,I'm being sarcastic..but the credit really goes to Chrys for thinking of it and actually persuading us to go on with this fun but CRAZY plan.For the full story,go to Chrys's blog:

Honestly,it was really FUN.The whole photo shooting was done in the morning,so Chrys darkened her room and we blinged up(clothes,make up and even shoes),put all the props(vodka bottles and chips) in place and posed around(I think I didn't do more than smile...).I think she did a real convincing job..In the midst of all this girly administrations....was Abel.

Well,we didn't dress him up or make him up if that's what your imagination is screaming.He was the assigned photographer.I think he got a big IN-sight on 'What-Girls-Do-When-There-Are-No-Guys-Around" during the making of the "Party".Credits to him too for coming out of it alive.(Another sarcasm attack...I gotta stop this)

Spot the Thorn among the Roses..

To Chrys,
It was really an 'activity' to remember.Just make sure you belanja us if you happen to win that Nintendo Wii.Hahaha...

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chrys said...

aiyo joyce ar joyce.. why always mention the rm10.. hahah.. yes ! it was funnn and i love your make up skills.. i must learn more from u next time.. glad you made it and took part in it =) miss you all !

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