Saturday, 1 August 2009

Temptation and satisfaction

I'm so jealous of Afnand's mini booze bottle collection!!!!
Image Hosted by
Afnand is my friend, Louisa's, tenant and I was at Louisa's place for dinner the other day when I saw them. I love miniature things (I ADORE with charm bracelets and doll houses..) and it used to be one of my favourite daydreams to have a whole wall lined with shelves, with mini booze bottles lining as a display in my future home.

*Cutting Joyce's little fantasy short.*

I think those minis are meant as collectibles. So far I've only seen them on sale in Langkawi and I've only bought a few bottles on my previous trips. And no, I don't keep them in my bag for secret swigs. They made pretty special gifts to friends who were turning 18 and finally legal to consume alcohol. Image Hosted by Afnand got his on their Langkawi holiday last month and I applaud him for being able to bring back so many bottles since we're really only entitled to bring one bottle out of Langkawi per person. Hmm...maybe they don't count since they're so tiny.

So Louisa, Asha and I had a little party with them and look what happened:-
Nah...just kidding.
Nothing kinky happened. I was actually taking a picture of Louisa's newly installed (and very cold) air-con when she stuck her leg in front of my cam and Asha joined in and it turned into a 'sexy legs' display.
Afnand would have murdered us if we opened his precious babies anyway.


I went to Asia Cafe for dinner with my Sunway Christian Fellowship friends on Thursday. I've decided to participate more in their activities since my classes this semester don't clash with the meetings, plus its fun to meet and fellowship with new people. And of course it is good to be able to learn more about my faith and get the spiritual refreshment we all need.

Anyway, after some crappy prawn noodles at Asia Cafe (kicks myself again for ordering that) we went to Snowflake for their famous desserts. Its the same place where we had Yean Ting's tong sui farewell.(re:previous posts) It's located in SS15, Subang Jaya. Opposite Asia Cafe. And I really wanted to show you their unique ordering tool. The Beeping UFO. (borrowed picture because I forgot to snap a pic)They give customers one of these after we place orders and it will beep and vibrate when our orders are ready to be collected. Pretty cool. I was so confused the first time they gave me that. But its not really a long wait for you delicious dessert:-
Snowflake bestseller (mine)

Soya ice with peanut,red bean and I forgot what other bean topping (Yean Shan's)

Others all dug in before I could snap nice photos of their orders. Never mind...they taste as good as they look. Mine had yummy taro balls on them.Image Hosted by



I want this dress!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Forever 21 is suddenly stocking up lots of things that I'm drooling after.
Gahh!!!I can't buy this because I already got a dress from them last week.Image Hosted by

Should I?????????

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PoisonKagero said...

How much is the dress? Cause you really look nice in it! =D BUY! Haha. My mum always says I'm the devil's advocate when it comes to shopping.

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