Saturday, 22 August 2009

Can I???

I'm currently at my aunt's place for the weekend.
Let me clarify something to my confused friends:

I don't disappear every weekend okay. I make it a point to spend at least one weekend a month at my aunty's place in Klang. And I go back to Ipoh like once every 2 months or more. Family time is precious to me. The rest of the weekends, I'm in my hostel room. Meaning in Sunway, Subang.


Anyway, I was kepoh-ing in Nuffnang earlier and I saw their invites to the Hip Hop Fest that is going to be held in Mist Club for the Merdeka countdown.This year is going to be my first Merdeka celebration in Subang and I'm wondering if it would be any different from the ones in Ipoh. Nuffnangers do go check it out. :)

Disney Pixar's UP is already out!!!!!
I wanna watch it!!!!But most probably I won't find time for it.
My classes have increased because I decided to attend the F9 classes to brush up before I attempt it again. No more self studying anymore papers!!!!

I got some bad news the other P2 lecturer has just told us that Sunway College is planning to start banning students from class if we don't perform well in the progress tests. *Sigh* Oh man...I'm trying to be optimistic and think of it as a factor to study consistently and a way to know how well I measure up for the actual exams. But at the same time I can't help but worry...

I can feel myself going emo.
Better end now...

Emo emo emo emo....

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