Saturday, 8 August 2009

Pasta and Potter

Another belated post.Its been a busy week and the line is so slow its loading my pictures like a person having indigestion.But anyway here they are.


I went to Pyramid on Monday to have lunch with Yoong (my cousin) and to watch Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. Though we did not really like the previous Harry Potter movies, we just watch for the sake of continuation. I enjoyed the books by J.K. Rowling and was one of those people who get really hyped up whenever a new one was due to be released for sale. 'Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince' and 'Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets' were my two favourite books among the seven so I was quite interested to see how this movie would portray the boy Voldemort.

The movie disappointed me...and I didn't even go in with high expectations. I understand that they can't follow the book storyline exactly because it is quite a job to fit a detailed storyline into a 2 hour film, but I am really frustrated with the movie!!!! I was really looking forward to the last part where Dumbledore gets murdered and a fight breaks out, making an action scene.

But nOoo...I sat through 2 hours of a boring jumble of a suddenly horny Harry Potter, a love-sick Ron, a depressed looking Malfoy, an expressionless boy Voldemort..all which I forgave because I thought surely they can never mess up the Dumbledore's dying scene too much. Guess what, the scene was totally anti-climax to the point it was stupid. How could Harry Potter just stand there all quiet and not make a sound when Dumbledore was murdered right before his eyes. He wasn't even bewitched like in the book!!! And the ending came so abruptly that I felt like going back to the counter for a refund. It ended with Snape turning to Harry and mumbling,"I am the Half Blood Prince". WHAT??! He was supposed to lose control and burst out, shouting at Harry and putting curses on him!! It would have taken the same time which they showed him staring at Harry and mumbling!!

Whoever wrote that movie review saying it was a good movie, 'preparing for a big ending' nonsense and rating it a good movie. I'll fire you if I am your boss. But I am not. So I will assume that you're either a boring person with no imagination or you're part of a multinational scheme, misleading people so that they would go spend money on the tickets. Grr...


Okay, finished with the passion about Harry Potter...Yoong and I had lunch at Pasta Zanmai before the movie. When it opened about a month ago, we were drooling over the nice looking menu and vowed to save money and go there (when you're a student, spending RM26 for a plate of spaghetti can be hazardous to your purse). But they had promotion items for the month. So we decided to give it a try.

I ordered the Mini ebi tempura no gomadare pasta to mini unagi rice..Hehe...I took down the names. It actually means mini prawn tempura on spaghetti with mini unagi rice. Keep in mind. It said MINI right??? When the waitress came she put these in front of me :-
It was a HUGE portion!!!

Wow!!!That was a really pleasant surprise!!!!It was a really nice change from some restaurants who give you measly portions and expect you to pay expensive even though the food tastes like crap just because they have nicely decorated interior. The set they called 'mini' was totally more than enough for two people and it was RM22. Reasonable because it really tasted good!!! I, Joyce Wong, rate Pasta Zanmai Value-For-Money!!!
Happy me!!
Yoong's hand shook when she took this. :(

If we had known earlier the 'mini' set was going to be so big we would have ordered just that. But since Yoong already put in her order we just took it.
Yoong with her Potato Gratin with Prawn..

Yummy and extremely filling!!!

More pictures!!!The cute teapot and cups the green tea came in.

And the cute pepper and salt containers.

They're not shakers because you have to turn the top and you get freshly crushed or grinded pepper and salt with your food. Does anyone know where to get one of these???? :D
My FOOD!!!!

Go try it one day okay???


And lastly, the Mooncake Festival is coming soon!!!!
I can tell because mooncakes are appearing everywhere for sale!!! And some of them don't look at all like these cute ones Pui San and I saw the other day:-

I still prefer the traditional ones though.
They remind me of many happy nights when I ran around with my cousins, holding my fish shaped lantern and playing with candles.
I miss them. :)

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