Sunday, 9 August 2009

Spit fire..

On weekends, I usually avoid going to Pyramid.
I would rather be spending it at my Yee Ma's place or I would be holed up in the sanctuary of my room and only venturing out for church or going out for meals with friends. The reason; I don't like jostling among crowds. Spare me, but jostling among crowds leaves me all sticky and cranky. On weekdays, the mall is MINE. I can have the pleasure of strolling and admiring the displays minus the countless people blocking the displays and being stuck in a long queue just to pay for one purchase. The privilege of empty malls will only last when I am a student so I might as well make the best of what I have.

Relating to my title.
I broke my "no malls on weekends" policy and went to Jusco in Pyramid on Saturday AND Sunday previously. Reason being lunch with Pui San and grocery shopping with my roomie, Yean Shan. On BOTH times I went to the supermarket section, I encountered totally RUDE cashiers. I have always thought that Jusco had good employees and it was literally a rude shock I got at the cashiers.

The first was a young Malay boy at the express lane. I was sharing a trolley with Pui San and I had 3 items while Pui San had 5 items. The fellow took one look and, without even counting our items, rudely told us, "Lapan item." I put my three items on the belt and was about to tell him I only had 3 when again he told me again in a really offending tone,"Lapan saja. Sini lapan item." to make my point, I held up my items one by one and counted them for him,"ONE,TWO,THREE. So can I pay here????" He scanned all my 3 items and then looked up at me and said,"Ada lagi???" in a really annoying way. I just said,"No." and waited for him to scan Pui San's items. And would you believe it...While Pui San was putting her 5 items on the belt, he AGAIN snapped,"Lapan item." at her. I don't know what was his problem but it seriously aggravated me.Is he a parrot or a robot programmed to say that?? I turned to Pui San and said loudly (so that he could hear) "Is there any place I can COMPLAIN about him??He's being so RUDE and ANNOYING." Grr...that shut him up.

Then,the next day when I went there with Yean Shan. I wanted to use a coupon I got from a Jusco coupon book for the Nakajima Sushi set. So when it was my turn at the cashier, I showed the Indian girl behind the till my coupon and asked her if I can use it. Without even looking at it she said to me,"This one from outside Jusco cannot use." and kind of threw the coupon back at me.What the #@%*$!!! I took it up again and pointed out to her,"It says here on the coupon JUSCO Nakajima Set. JUSCO." She kept quiet a while and then suddenly took back the coupon, looked at it and then gave it to another cashier and said,"Go ask them whether can use." I was seriously so annoyed and I turned to Yean Shan and again talked loudly,"Of course I can use it. JUSCO gave it to me. And she tells me its from OUTSIDE Jusco." In the end, the coupon was valid and though she said nothing, she kept banging the cash till loudly like showing temper and got a very angry look from Yean Shan. My goodness, I was tempted to go complain about her at the Customers' Service. But I didn't because I was in a hurry.

Honestly...was my star sign in conflict with theirs or did my yin did not match their yang or they got out of the wrong side of bed??? I didn't expect them to treat me like a Queen or something but as a customer don't I deserve some sort of chivalry from them??This is my first encounter with rude cashiers in Jusco. All these years, my impression of Jusco staff is that they are a nice,polite and very helpful, no matter if it is in Ipoh Jusco,MidValley,1 Utama or other places.

Talk about bad apples.

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