Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Japanese Summer Food Fair

All spread out for you in Sunway Pyramid. Image Hosted by
I normally don't buy anything from Shojikiya because its tucked away near Asian Avenue and I seldom go to that part of Pyramid. However, the food display was in the open area in the lower ground and it caught my eye. In the previous fairs, I did not bother to look because they were crowded (me=don't like crowds in malls) and long lines snaking from the cashiers. This time, it was a weekday and Yean Shan and I could take our time strolling among the displays, trying out the yummy samples and deciding whether to buy without having to worry if there would be any left if we hesitated even a second.

The thing about Japanese (and Korean and Taiwanese and Asian in general) products...they're so colourful!!They make a pleasant display and the packaging is really cute. Like these:-
I honestly thought they were sweets!!!!But in reality, they only contain a small pack of seaweed sprinkles meant for cooking with rice. The salesgirl told me it is meant to attract children's attention. Hmm...I'm not so sure about that. They got MY attention.Image Hosted by

There were many displays but I hovered over this particular one:-


So tempting!!!But since I'm not supposed to be eating chocolates I thought I'd just buy some to give to Louisa. Ah well...a little picture at least for memory...and to make your mouth water.Image Hosted by

And for the first time in like 10 (or more) years, I took such a picture:-

HAHAHAHA!!!!I never take these kind of photos because I don't like people who are waiting for their turn stare at me while waiting. But since Yean Shan was like flapping her arms at me to pose at it, I did. And there was a European family who were observing us and saying something about "Those Japanese are excited.".

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usSince when I look Japanese????

Hmm...must be all the sushi I ate. HAHA!!!! (laughing at my own lame joke)

Okay...I'm done with this random post.

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