Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Michelle in MidValley

I really should be more 'kan lik' in updating my blog. Every time I open up Blogger Edit Post I feel like I have so much to tell about my days but of course I can't very well cram it all into on post and bore you all.


I finally met up with Michelle Toon!!!
I think the last time I saw her was last December suring the CGMC Youth Camp.
And ever since I came to Selangor we had no 'jodoh', with me in Sunway and her in UM.
I finally met up with her in MidValley for dinner. Pui San happily accompanied me because she had a shopping mission for her college event.Image Hosted by

While waiting for Michelle we had ice-cream at this ice-cream shop with a very tempting display.Behold Gellassimo:-

They make their own ice-cream.Pui San and I saw them blending a fresh batch of fruit ice-creams:-The waiters behind the counter were very friendly and offered us so many samples. I tasted this weird flovour called Chilli Chocolate:-
Err...I don't think I know how to appreciate the taste. It seriosly had chilli taste and it was a bit weird to taste some spiciness with chocolate. Well, they had really really cute and colourful sample spoons!!!I managed to get all four colours from sampling:-
Image Hosted by

Pui San was so determined to get the yellow coloured one she even bought the ice-cream hoping to complete the set. See how many she took:-
(Hazelnut Chocolate and Mango)

Ah well, when Michelle was fnally freed from the traffic jam delaying her, we had our dinner at Spaghetti Grill.Hmm...the food was nothing to shout about.The three of us shared two sets because the portions were big. I think we enjoyed the free flow of drinks more than the food. Finally a picture with Michelle!!! there wasn't very good.
And Pui San with our food:-
We went to a more nicely lit place for nicer pictures after dinner.While waiting for Pui San to pay for her stuff in Dorothy Perkins...

And a threesome picture!!!(reminder: Joyce don't blink..Michelle don't move when picture snapping)

Finally published!!!

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