Tuesday, 18 August 2009

The cycle continues...

Four times a year, ACCA students get all high tensioned and nervous.
Think sweaty palms,sleepless nights,panic attacks....the lot.
Twice a year, June and December, are due to the examinations..
and worst then the exams (if possible) are the results; in March and August.

Results for the June 2009 were released yesterday.
The official time of release was supposed to be 3 p.m. Malaysian time so I had intended to stay in denial until 3 p.m. and spend time hanging out with Yoong and Pui San. Unfortunately, true to it precedents, the results always come out early. And with so many friends who were anxiously checking online for the results from morning, there was no way I could not know when the results were released. In the end, with so many text messages and phone calls of "Joyce!!!Results are out!!!Have you checked???!!!" I asked my friend, Anita to check my results for me at 1:08 p.m. yesterday.

Well, here they are..I finally managed to access the page and look at it with my very own two eyes:-

(hehe...malu show my marks... )

How do I feel about it???
THANK GOD for my passes in F7 and F8!!!I did not expect to pass my F9 at all and have been making provisions since after the exams. Everything is exactly as planned. I have cleared F8,the killer paper, made it through F7 and may sit for my P2-Corporate Reporting this December. I am two papers closer to completing my course.
I am contented.

If you still have not checked your results for June 2009 check it here.

To my friends who did well and cleared your papers. Congratulations!!I am happy for you all!!Keep it up!! To those to whom yesterday meant sadness and disappointment...keep your head up!!!Don't dwell too long on results!!We shall all work harder and do better the next sittings!!

Time to focus on December...
I really want to complete this by June next year and it is still a possibility!!!
Must strive hard!!!GAMBATEH!!!!

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