Friday, 9 October 2009


I am currently at my uncle's place (yea yea, I know..I have a number of relatives in Selangor) but THIS time Sze Haw's here too. Liane...we're taking over your room for the weekend...Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by

For the past week, the internet in my hostel has been a total B****!!!I'm serious. Allegedly they're 'updating' the internet connection in our hostel but if that is what they call upgrading, I'd rather they just let it be. I couldn't connect to my Facebook, MSN, my e-mails, my blog editor (that's the reason for the lack of updates this week) I couldn't even update my Kaspersky.

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So now I'm using my uncle's blessedly fast WiFi. Though it doesn't allow me to upload photos (there's four of us using it at the same time) but its just a relief to be able to check my mail, Facebook and connect to MSN. Goodness, I sound like an internet addict. Well, I have been spending my internet-less times quite productively, if I say so myself. I went swimming with Yean Shan and Pui San. I'm pretty pleased that I can still do laps and have made up my mind to swim daily if possible. Its really relaxing and it feels good. and tried to start studying for the December exams.

Anyway...I had beef noodles in Vietnam Kitchen, 1Utama before coming to my uncle's house. It's not as nice as I remembered from my last visit there with Sze Haw,Liane and May Yan. Ipoh's 'ngau lam fun' totally beats it. Goshh...I wish I had more time in Ipoh so that I can eat the nice and cheap food there. Plus I wanna meet up with my friends in Ipoh. I miss you guys so much!!!!!

Okay, this is another short random update post.
Slow line really kills my mood to update. Gahh..

I'm anticipating an interesting weekend.Image Hosted by
My aunt is a good cook and she promised to let Sze Haw and I help her make cheesecake. tomorrow we're going to Klang to eat the Teluk Pulai 'bak kut teh'. We're going to need the help of the GPS since my uncle have never been there before and I only know how to go there by train. Omg...I'm going to be so fat after this weekend is over....

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