Sunday, 25 October 2009

My and Michelle's JOGOYA StarHill Birthday Countdown

Yay!!!Finally I have finished uploading my photos.
I'm NO LONGER A TEEN!!! After celebrating this year's birthday I feel like I've hit a milestone or something. I feel so old all of a sudden...
Musings aside...This year, I got to joint-celebrate my birthday with Miss Michelle Toon!!
We're born a day apart and it was just so nice to celebrate together again (we've been cutting cakes together for quite a few years already)

We had an early birthday dinner with Sze Haw, Kar Ning, Pui San and Yean Shan.
And the venue was Jogoya, StarHill. We chose that place because I was mouth itching for a good Japanese buffet plus they were having their Ladies' Promotion at normal price for the first lady and RM19.90 for the second lady. We had 3 pairs so it was just nice (we had 4 pairs at first but last minute Louisa and Asha couldn't come. ). See all the pretty girls who made the night so awesome for us!!! is customary...I'm going to spam this entire post with pictures of food.Image Hosted by
So here goes:-

I started with this
It's just so nice to have unlimited sashimi in Jap buffets.
Haha!!! I think I ate half a salmon.

And not forgetting the OYSTERS!!!!
They were very fresh and juicy...Mmmmm....

I think this was fried eel...

The drinks there were so GOOD!!!My fav were the individual coconuts. I think I drank like 8.

Then between plates we took pictures to make good use of our time while digesting our food...

One of the night's highlights...
It's pretty cool how we have mini bunsen burners on our tables and we can actually choose whatever combination of things we want to boil on it. Hehe...Pui San and I gorged on the huge crabs they had:-

Colourful cocktails dispensers in the drinks section.
The blue one was pretty good.

Loving their ladies' room's decor......and lighting.

They had Haagen Daz ice-cream in the desserts corner!!!

And a CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN!!!!I soooo wanted to cart the whole thing back with me.. T.T

Pity they didn't have fruits for the fountain.
But the breadsticks and marshmallows were fine for me.

The little round sweeties called Mochi were very nice too:They were so cute and squishy.Kinda like marshmallows with gooey filling.Haha!!!

And after all the food.PRESENTS TIME!!!!!HAHA!!!
WE were actually very happy but SzeHaw made us make this face for the camera.
(Notice the awesomely wrapped presents..kudos SH and KN)


5 beautiful ladies who totally made my night!!!Happy happy happy!!!

That's all for now!!

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Chrys said...

wahhh so gorgeous la joyce. and what's the last pic about? HAHA

and yes yes the blue drink haha i remember that one it tastes yum! and omg u had 8 coconuts so lucky i think i only had 4 when i went there last yr cos it ran out pretty fast -__-

glad you had a great birthday :)

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