Friday, 16 October 2009

TGI Friday's 2 Course Meal @ RM29.90

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I adore TGI Friday's. The one I frequent is located in Sunway Pyramid. It's a favourite of my friend, Louisa and her mum (they were the ones who first brought me there) Though a bit pricey for an average student's allowance, it is good for a treat once in a while. Also, it is a great place to chill out with friends since it has nice ambiance and good food.

Now they are currently having the 2 Course Meal promotion where you can choose an appetiser and entree for RM29.90 and 2 mini desserts for RM6 add on. It is a really good deal if you compare this to the price of ala-carte.
I brought my mum there when she came down for a meeting in PJ a few weeks ago. It was my treat since I had an unexpected windfall (no, not lottery...if you wanna know ask me.Image Hosted by and we each ordered a 2 course meal. I have developed a habit of snapping pictures of food ever since I started blogging. I think I amuse my family when I go,"Waaaiiit!!!Don't eat first!!Let me take photo first!!" Anyway, here are them pictures:-


Fried Mac and Cheese

Boneless Chicken Wings
In my opinion, these two are TGIF's best appetisers. The fried mac and cheese is really cheesy and filling. I can make a meal out of the that appetiser itself. The boneless chicken wings seem to get drier and drier each time I visit (last time it was juicy and some sauce cooked with the chicken) but at least the dip is still as nice.Image Hosted by


Sizzling Chicken and Cheese (mine)

Tuscan Chicken Melt (mummy's)
We enjoyed our entrees but my mummy was slightly disappointed that the bread that came with her Tuscan chicken was so thick she couldn't taste the chicken unless she left off the bread. I would recommend trying the burgers in TGIF's. The Jack Daniel's Burger is my favourite.

The portions given in TGI Friday's are really huge so we ended up taking away like half of our meals (meaning one 2 course meal can feed 2 people...unless you're accustomed to eating huge portions at every meal) . Since we already ordered the set, we just added on the RM6 and got 2 mini desserts. They're really cute.Image Hosted by

Oreo Chocolate for me...
Mocha for Mummy....

Nice dining experience with my Mummy...

Join me next time????
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4 squeaked:

kenwooi said...

i never dined at that place, honestly..
but your post makes me wanna visit it! =P

MEI THENG said...

i like that fried mac and cheese too! :-D

keith said...

hai there wanted to know is the 2 course for whole day or just specific time? thanks

JoYce said...

hey keith...
If I am not mistaken it is only valid for a certain time. I am not very sure but I think it is 12-3p.m.
you can enquire at the outlets or visit their website to find out. :)

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