Saturday, 3 October 2009

Happy Mooncake Festival

I'm back in Ipoh to celebrate the Mooncake Festival with my family.
I actually drove my orange Saga (manual) all the way back from Shah Alam yesterday since my dad's Kia was finally fixed. If you want to know what happened to it click here. It was my first time driving on the highway after 3 years of having a driving license...and it was quite scary at first but it got monotonous after the first hour. Conclusion: I'd rather be driven around than drive.Image Hosted by

Now I'm back in Ipoh, the problem is getting back to Subang.Image Hosted by
I didn't expect so many people to be travelling back to their hometowns this weekend so I can't get a train ticket back. So my options are either follow my 4th uncle's car back tomorrow or I go into the taxi with Louisa on Monday morning. Arghh...I hate having things at loose ends like this. Plus I have class on Tuesday!!! *pulls hair*

Okay, I have a family dinner in half an hour's time.
Need to go get ready.
Will update again soon.

Happy Mooncake Festival all!!!!

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