Monday, 12 October 2009

Of Roti Everest, Bibimbap and Peach Cheesecake

As from my weekend at my uncle's. More like a parade of food actually...(Man, its both a blessing and a curse that my family loves good food so much).

I'm sure we Malaysians are all familiar with roti canai (if not, then you're a deprived person, go smack yourself) and I think a popular version of it is the roti tisu. I think its just a thin, crispy version of roti canai with more butter, sugar and some condensed milk. Calories plus plus. My uncle brought us to KAYU and ordered the roti Everest. Its actually just a really rally huge roti tisu but the novelty of seeing the guy stand on a chair and pull it into a conical shape and then use three plates to contain it just makes it a must try:-

Now let me rave about my aunt's awesomely diversified cooking skills. Haha!!
On our second dinner there, she cooked us BIBIMBAP!!!

My first time trying this Korean dish and it really is awesome. Bring on the chilli sauce!!!!

And she taught Sze Haw and I how to make PEACH CHEESECAKE!!

It was suprisingly simple. We didn't even have to use the oven to bake or anything. All we did was mix a lot of things together. And I had to do some serious BEATING.

The result was just so awesome!!!

Okay, we didn't just eat only at our uncle's place. We did accompany our aunt to KLCC for the Jewelry Festival but ended up only her entering because the entrance fee was like RM10 each. WTH?? And my aunty's two dogs were so super excited that we were there. But because Sze Haw and I aren't very fond of dogs (I hate it when they lick me or try to sniff where they're not supposed to sniff okay) they gave us this tragic I'm-hurt-and-ignoring-you poses:-

Drama kings. As soon as anyone had food in their hands, they'll just jump right up and follow you around with shining, beady please-feed-me eyes. Dogs...

Well, we had some cousin bonding time..haha!!!
I showed Sze Haw that her hair CAN be braided. See:-
If you notice Sze Haw's hair seems to have purple highlights??
Well, its her natural hair colour..

In conclusion..great weekend.
Before I end. Let me just obsess about these pair of heels I tried on in Vincci. See the pair of heels on the right on this pic:-

They're so nice but not at all practical for me and I don't wanna splurge on it.
BUT I WAAANNNNTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Kennee said...

Wow...roti tissue from Kayu!!! XD
Wow nice peach cheesecake...
Btw...nanged your post on innit and clicked on your ads...^^

JoYce said... was awesome!!!
thanks kennee. :D

Lainey said...

How are you Joyce? Do you have finals in the coming weeks?
You know Joyce, I don't comment on your blog very often. But I've been meaning to. Plus, you're the more consistent blogger among the few that I follow and I love your blog. So many photos of fun and memories. AND FOOD! I can't wait to see you again! Soon soon!

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures !
I just want to let you know there is also an interesting sudoku site at

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