Thursday, 15 October 2009

Maybelline Simply Fabulous Finale, MOS

Okay...that was just a vanity photo. I wore a maxi out for the first time so I was pretty pleased with myself.Image Hosted by Onward to the event relevant to my title:-SIMPLY FABULOUS. Organised by Maybelline New York. And it's 8TV's first online reality show. I won't pretend to know a lot about it because I have not been watching it online. In fact, I only started browsing for info about it when Kar Ning and Sze Haw asked me whether I would go to the Finale because Arleen could help us get tickets from her friend, Susie, one of the contestants in Simply Fabulous. (Quite a chain of links that got me the ticket right??Thanks girls!!!) It was an invite only event in MOS, I thought why not??? Plus I love having an excuse to dress up and take lots of pictures.

We were all there nice and early at 5:30 p.m. And because we were early we got a free goodie bag from Maybelline, a complimentry Makeover and Hairdo session plus a buffet while waiting for the event to start. It was a nice surprise because I was only anticipating the goodie bag. See, it pays to go early and be on time for an event. I still don't understand the 'Malaysian time' mentality.

We had to wait in line for our turn. There were only 4 hair stylists and 4 make-up artists to fab-up like 100 girls??? A few photos of BEFORE hair and makeover:-


KarNing and Sze Haw

Yean Shan

Salutes to the hair stylists and make-up artists. They were professional. I mean, they really put effort into making us look nice. Not only just to finish their job and move on to another girl. The girl who did my hair was efficient and gave me nice waves just like I asked. I think the make-up artist liked me because I did put on some make-up before I left my room so all she had to do was 'professionalise' my look. She put on like MORE make-up over my make-up. Gave me fab smoky eyes. I felt good after I was done.
AFTER hair and make up session

Pretty girls. mobile cam really doesn't take nice pictures in dark lighting..
It was already dark when we finished with the session. Only managed to grab some fruit to appease our thirst from the buffet before being shoo-ed in.

I didn't take any pictures inside. Too crowded plus my heels were killing me. The 10 finalists all came onstage and answered questions. There were videos of them doing their thing and the hosts were trying to pump the crowd up. Nothing much happened actually. Ended up retreating to the bar area to redeem our soft drinks (it was an alcohol-free event) and camwhoring with SzeHaw's cam. Haven't got the pictures from her yet. It ended at 9 p.m. A lot of people were planning to stay on for clubbing because the wristband gave us free entry to MOS that night but I decided to head back.

Back in room..Yean Shan and I took many many photos to 'utilise' the make up before we removed it. HAHA!!! Here are a few:-

Yean Shan looks so cute here..haha!!!

And I was wearing fake eyelashes for the first time.See:-
Not used to it. I always thought fake eyelashes made your eyes smaller (they do if your eyes are small) but since my eyes aren't slits they made my eyes look HUGE. Like a doll. I freaked myself out after I pasted them on. Pui San and Yean Shan said I look like those 'kawaii' Japanese girls.Image Hosted by But they were good for photos. Haha!!!:-
I only know how to adjust lighting in photos. I suck at photoshop...



3 squeaked:

PoisonKagero said...

Joyce you look magnifique! :) I think you can do the strong fierce look well...which is pretty cool because I noticed most of us Chinese girls look odd with it (must be our inborn kawaii-ness -.-)..

Kennee said...

Wow... u went ah... get freebies too... Wow... lucky u~ ^^

JoYce said...

Thank you Yi Wei. :)
Yea Kennee...the best freebies were the hair n make up...hehe... :D

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