Monday, 30 November 2009

Cafe World Crazy!!!

Behold my humble little Taste Buds Cafe in Cafe World on Facebook:-

Yup. I just started playing a few days ago. It's a tad more interesting than Restaurant City (I abandoned RC after a few weeks) because you actually have to 'cook' and wait for the dishes to be ready before serving them. Since the different dishes take different length of time to cook (ranging from 3 minutes to 2 days) players have to constantly keep check on their Cafe since food left on stove can rot (thus wasting your cooking time and cafe coins) and empty serving tables can result in loss of customers and a dip in reputation. I am proud to report that after carefully timing all my dishes I have achieved a 80 in Buzz rating and it's rising as I type this:-
Believe it or not, it was my MUM who initiated me to Cafe World. In fact she's higher level than me. Haha!!I am so proud of my Mummy!!! Seriously...she plays in along with a group of her friends; which consists of my Yee Ma and other aunties and also her students. Maybe some of you might think I'm a little crazy to play FB games with my mum, much less even add her and allow her to see my profile (Some of my friends actually block their parents or limit their profiles from them) but I feel that it has helped shorten the generation gap between me and my parents. No, my parents don't stalk me on FB and harp on every single detail of my life. And yes, I do post pictures of my outings with friends, even clubbing ones. If I can add new friends on FBwhom I've known about a week, why not my parents?? Simple. Image Hosted by

Speaking about Cafes. Let me just give a quick run through on little eateries in Subang which I stopped by over the last 2 weeks which I neglected to blog about.

1. KUSHI, Tropicana City Mall
It's a place for Japanese 'satay' (don't have a better word for it) which Pui San dragged me for their must-have machine grilled skewers. I only had a bite ( I was so full that time) and amused myself with graffiti-ing their napkins:-

2. Kindori Japanese Ice-Cream, Sunway Pyramid.
It's a new shop just opened. Stopped by there with Pui San and Yean Shan because they were having a Buy-2-free-1 promotion. It's not bad but a bit pricey for plain cream base blended with fruit if your choice. Cute to look at thoughImage Hosted by :-
3. Carl's Jr, Suwnay Pyramid.
My absolute favourite burger place. Was there with W31 for Joel's birthday dinner. We totally filled their place; even blocked the entrance. And look at the amount of order cards on one table (we had 3 tables joined together and it was still a squeeze) :-

SzeHaw and my favourite BEEF CHILI CHEESE FRIES!!!!!
Okay..I know it looks like something else entirely due to my lousy photograph but it's really damn good!!!!!! Its a must-must-MUST have. To convince you I went and got a better photo from another blog.

Credits to the blog owner. :)


Now am done with blog post.

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Your Beef Chilly with Cheese fries really whets my appetite :)

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