Sunday, 15 November 2009

This Is It and 2012

I just came back from 2 movies back to back.

Big applause to my Uncle Alex and Yee-Yee for managing to secure those tickets. I have to admit I was darn impressed when my Yee-Yee called me up and went, "Joyce!!Want to watch movie with us???We got This Is It and 2012!!" I thought 2012 was sold out for good for the rest of the week plus This Is It was no longer in cinemas??? (Sorry..a person who doesn't keep up with movies schedules is typing this post) Well, my uncle and aunty were very smart and bought tickets in Tropicana Mall GSC instead of the popular movie venues like MidValley GSC or Sunway Pyramid TGV.

Well, it was my first time in Tropicana City Mall and it had rather nice and interesting shops. There weren't many people there even though it's a weekend for some reason..maybe it's just the feng shui but I don't mind malls which are a little empty. Can't stand crowds. I think I'll go back there another time when I

Anyway about the movies:-

This Is It was showing the rehearsals from Michael Jackson's concert which was never performed due to his sudden passing. I didn't really know what to expect when I went into the cinema but I came out of the cinema feeling a deeper respect for The King of Pop. You want to see passion?? Then This Is It really gives us a glimpse of how passionate Michael Jackson was over his work. From the choreography down to the music beats, everything was given attention personally from him. Forget about all the mess on the child molestation, bankruptcy and weird stuff. This Is It has no dazzling costumes, no wild, screaming droves of MJ fanatics, deafening applause,no impressive props (which is customary of MJ concerts) but it shows dedicated dancers, musicians, vocalists, lighting crew, sound crew, technicians and whatnot all working and practicing hard as a family with a true star as the head; working alongside with them with genuine love and interest in everything and everybody there. Everything in there was REAL..because noone there was acting. So don't watch This Is It expecting a concert.

2012 surprised me. And I like surprises (good don't go planning mischief for me okayyyy) There was a lot of hype about this movie before it's release and I wasn't very keen on it. I don't know about you, but I don't really appreciate movies that tell me that there's a good chance I will die in 3 years time. Trust me when I say woe and disaster scenes aren't my thing. I enjoyed 2012 more than I thought I would. It was certainly exciting and there were some funny moments in the show. My favourite character in the movie was the Russian guy, Yuri. There was a moment in the movie where the audience actually clapped for him. Haha!! 2012 is one of those movies you have to watch on the big screen to really appreciate it. The scenes of the Earth cracking, buildings tumbling down like tower blocks and disaster effects won't look as impressive if you watch it on your laptop screen. ;)

Wow..I actually typed out two mini movie reviews.
Anyway, before I end this post..let me share with you what Benjamin proudly displayed to me today. His new loot from Toys"R"Us :-

A little boy with a toy that some big boys would be jealous of..

I like looking at toys models like this. Can't get enough of mini stuff and I STILL have not given up on dreams of a miniature doll house. ONE DAY..........!!!!

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Anonymous said...

LOL, the audience clapped for Yuri! The sound and graphic effects were great!

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