Saturday, 7 November 2009

I am smiling :)

Back in Subang and the insane ACCA revision classes period have started. Classes from 8am til around 5 or 6 p.m. We students resort to all sorts of energy boosters to keep awake in class and the lecturers (salutes) talk for hours to prepare us for the ever-looming exams.

Wait...that's not the reason I'm smiling...


Sunway Pyramid is having their Simply Indulgence in Beauty period.
And everywhere in Pyramid there're booklets with coupons for self-pampering. And in the booklets there is one of voucher for a 3 weeks free trial in Celebrity Fitness for 2 people worth RM450. I have quickly redeemed the voucher with Pui San. So as of now...I am entitled to use the gym and participate in the classes in Celebrity Fitness until the 26th of November.Image Hosted by

Seriously..I went with Yean Shan and her friend Phoebe just the other day and we felt so good after a gym session and then sweating it out in the sauna. The sauna is doing my skin so much good!!!Happiness and satisfaction...
So what are you waiting for??Go redeem your voucher now and smile with me.

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