Friday, 27 November 2009

Ipoh Oh Ipoh...

All hail Kar Ning who got me and my obscene amount of luggage (two huge luggage bags worth of clothes) safely back home. Originally I was supposed to take the train back; even bought the ticket..but last minute Kar Ning told me she was going back on Monday too so I refunded my ticket (half only..well,better than nothing right???) and packed all my stuff with me. A car equals to no need to travel light!!! Thank you Kar Ning!!

Anyway, there were 4 of us in the car. Kar Ning at the driver's seat, me along upfront, Siaw Wei and a very special passenger at the back. I-forgot-what's-her-name dog:-
My first time traveling outstation with a doggie in the car. She was very good though. Didn't bark once. According to Siaw Wei, she thinks she's human and won't mix with other dogs.

So I have been back in Ipoh for 4 days already. Nothing much going on here except I have a fantastic sore throat *cough cough cough* and I officially hate pink!!! (inside joke...). Also managed to meet up with Sunway Ipoh friends..a huge crowd of them at once thanks to Sasi's 21st birthday in Black Canyon. Didn't snap any pictures (damn I'm so lazy these days!!!) Gahh...

Anyway, this is just a short post to assure all you dear readers that I'm still alive. Sorry for the lack of posts...I guess the sick feeling+exam stress+boredom = no mood to update blog. I actually have PLENTY to tell you all. Especially about my cousin SzeHaw whom I am SO FREAKING PROUD OF for being in the Top 5 for the Emerge KL Beauty Pageant!!!

Yea!!See..that's plenty to tell. Plus been frolicking around while in Subang before I came back. Let me give you all a short summary:-
1. Went surfing for the first time in Sunway Lagoon Wave Pool. Sponsored by Female Magazine and RipCurl. Thanks guys!!Pity I couldn't really stand up!! Still sun-burnt from that.
2. Gave myself blisters from walking around in worn out heels. Time to get new ones!!!
3. Got a RM30 cash voucher thanks to a nice cashier in Jaspal (*grins*) and got a new top!!
4. Explored Tropicana City Mall with Pui San and terrorised some waiters and waitresses there.

Haven't been very productive in Subang. T.T
Anyway, I have to off now to go wrangle with P2. IAS-es and IFRS-es are really KILLING ME!!!YEAN TING please lend me your brain for the exam!!!

Oh..not forgetting honey and lemon for my tortured throat...
Stay with me!!

2 squeaked:

BabyMocha said...

The doggy very cute! Especially the part "he thinks she's human and won't mix with other dogs" :D

MEI THENG said...

wow for szehaw!

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