Friday, 15 October 2010

Adam Lambert Concert @ Bukit Jalil Indoor Stadium

This should have been up long ago. I'm trying my best to keep my blog up to date as possible but the slight damper is the slow hostel line which makes uploading photos a pain. And I know some of you just scroll through my posts and look at pictures instead of reading, admit it!! LOL!!! So that's why I make the effort to post up photos in my posts.

So yes, I went to the Adam Lambert concert in the Bukit Jalil Indoor Stadium. Ben and Yoong went with me and we got into the Digi Zone with the tickets I won from the blog contest. (click here for more details). We arrived slightly later than we planned to but managed to get quite a nice spot with quite a good view of the stage. While walking to the stadium, we passed some PAS demonstrators with signs like "This is not our culture" and so forth. There were also SWAT looking police there for the crowd control. Quite cool yet scary to walk past them.

Our tickets

The stage
I'd thought my tickets were for seats but the Digi Zone was a standing area. And it was a huge crowded area with many people wearing Digi Uniform, meaning they were Digi staff. Hmm..not so exclusive actually. I didn't really mind it; only there was one particular Digi staff who was totally obnoxious and kept picking on Yoong for "pushing" her. She was the one who kept fanning herself and fidgeting and bumping into Yoong. I was watching. Hell, she's like probably in her early 30-s and she yelled like a spoilt child throwing a fit at my cousin, who's 19. How mature. Like hello, have you never been to a concert before, aunty?? If you don't wanna be touched, pay money and go get a seat (since you probably got the tickets free from your employer) or better still, don't come; so that you don't ruin the mood for people.

Fortunately she moved away from us, because other people nearby "pushed" her. And we could enjoy the concert. The concert started late though so there were beach balls released to the crowd to distract us.

These clapper things are annoying! They blocked my vision. LOL.
But they're necessary at concerts for crowd noise and atmosphere, I guess.

There were two opening acts by a Malay guy (Ikhwan I think) and Malaysian Idol 2, Daniel Lee. And finally, at about 9 p.m., ADAM LAMBERT appeared on stage!!!!I only have a few pictures of him since I recorded most of the time. My camera doesn't take nice pictures in the dark anyway. So I borrowed pictures from Ben's blog. His camera took clearer pictures than mine. To see more of his pictures click here.

As I had anticipated, I was blown away by Adam Lambert's vocals. He sang most of his popular songs like "For Your Entertainment", "If I Had You", "Whataya Want From Me" and more. He sounds EVEN BETTER live than on recording!!! You know his ability to scream out notes really high and long which happens to be his signature?? Hearing it live was more impressive than hearing it on American Idol. Wow!!!

The crowd energy was not that great however because I suspect that Adam Lambert held back a little due to all the hu-ha that was stirred up over his concert in Malaysia. I mean, he was greeted in Malaysia by protesters stirring a fuss about his sexual orientation and being told to behave himself and so forth. The concert was about displaying his vocal skills and his amazing talent as a performer and international star. I certainly enjoyed myself, and I'm very sure that many who were there that night went back feeling more amazed and more of a hardcore fan of Adam Lambert. :)

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