Sunday, 17 October 2010

Pictures of My Days

Draft clearing still in progress. My posts folder is starting to look pretty clean!!! Image Hosted by
I have several pictures uploaded here, from different days (pardon the delay) so I decided to just tell the stories according to the pictures to save myself from more delay in posting. Haha!!! Bear with the random-ness alright people??

Anyway, I made my first ever Caesar Salad with Ben a few weeks back. Caesar Salad happens to be Ben's favourite salad so I decided to try my hand out at it, to his delight.Image Hosted by I found this rather nice and easy to follow recipe here online. We've made it twice since and it turned out good. (Phew!!) A little tip : anchovies can be forgone in the recipe and replaced with crunchy fried bacon strips.

Home-made Caesar Salad
Anymore salad recipes to recommend we try???

I also attended a charity dinner with Ben and his family which was also in conjunction with the Ti-Ratana 13th Anniversary Celebration. It was held in the Desa Waterpark and was quite a huge affair with the Minister of Health being the Guest of Honour and it was co-hosted by Xandria Ooi. It was a vegetarian dinner and there were performances to entertain us along with lucky draws (Aunty won a cutlery set) and an auction where proceeds go to charity.

One of the outstanding acts, an acapella group called Just a Sound

Unfortunately, halfway through, it started raining REALLY HEAVILY. It was no joke. The rain came pouring down, beating on the roofs and somehow, it dripped through the roof and everyone got wet. And we couldn't do much since the hall we were in was right in the middle of the waterpark with a long walk between us and the cars.

Super heavy rain
Everyone resorted to whatever means they could to keep the rain off their heads. Ben and I didn't bother and just sat there and let ourselves drip.
His little nephew was oblivious to the rain and was quite cheery though.
So cute yes??


I got another Starbucks Tumbler thanks to Vemal. Image Hosted by This time I got the Grande size. I have the Tall one for bringing coffee to my classes and my newest one have been well utilised ever since I got it. I do love Starbucks Tumblers!!! They're so useful AND pretty!!! Plus you get RM2 off your drink in Starbucks if you use the tumbler.

Dark Mocha shared with Yoong the other day


I was at Pastis again with Kar Ning and Yean Shan the other day. Kar Ning brought the both of us to The Gardens after braving the traffic of KL to familiarise herself to the route to her future internship location. Applause to her for not panicking on the roads of KL. Honestly if it were me, I would have been seriously stressed and end up taking public transport rather than have to go through all the road horror.

I've been promising Kar Ning to show her where Pastis is since I don't know when so I'm glad she finally knows where it is. Haha!! We shared the Virgin Mojitos again.

Test-tube Virgin Mojitos

Kar Ning's Bread Pudding
It was surprisingly melt-in-your-mouth good!!! Wow!! I love the crumble that Pastis serves. They give just the right touch to their desserts. I was a little disappointed however, that they did not change their Dessert of the Month. It is still Carrot Cake which has been there since September. Oh well.. this wraps up another post. Now to work on the next!!!Image Hosted by

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