Friday, 8 October 2010

Celebrating October Babies

I just realised that I have mentioned the Vanilla Sundae from Theobrama Chocolate Lounge like several times in my previous posts but never shown you all a picture of it. I guess that's because I always dig into it immediately after the guy behind the counter hands it to me. Haha!!! But I did snap a picture of it once the other day. So here you go:-
The Vanilla Sundae is priced at RM1.50 and it has Belgian chocolate flakes sprinkled over it. Very worth it in my opinion. I've been recommending it to several people and I'm afraid I'm costing McDonalds some revenue since most of my friends pass over the Sundae Cone if there's a Chocolate Lounge nearby. Oops!!!

Anyway, regarding my title; October is here and it's the month of many birthdays. Seriously, a lot of people I know have birthdays in October. Even yours truly is an October baby. (small hint : October 23rd!!) Even in my cell group W31, there were 5 of us with October birthdays which includes Yean Shan, Siao Sen, Jessica, Amos and myself. They had a cake for us after cell group. So this was my first candle on a cake I blew out for this year.

We ended up in Murni again for dinner, where Abel was literally threatened into not being anti-social and joining us all (he had a choice to either walk home alone in the dark or join us for dinner. Hehe!!).

My (customary) Roti Hawaii (beef)

Abel's Chicken Napolean
It's actually a cheese sausage wrapped with ham, then wrapped over with chicken breast meat, dipped in batter and deep fried. I got a bite on Abel's offer. It was an interesting combination, very meaty but didn't taste fantastic. Would have probably been better if they had marinated the chicken breast meat that came with it. It was very filling even though it didn't look like a lot.

I can't believe I'll be turning 21 soon (I'm not old enough yet to lie about my age okay). I've never really been big on birthdays but I look forward to what this particular birthday will bring...

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