Saturday, 23 October 2010

My 21st Birthday

Happy Birthday to me. I hit the Golden Key age. Yes, I'm 21 years old this year, not yet time for me to lie bout my age.

To all of you who wished me; whether face to face,
by texts, calls,
FB messages. MSN message,
and even a video recording!!!!


So, you must be wondering how I celebrated this significant coming-of-age??? Well, I spent the whole day out being treated to yummy food in different locations. Hehe!! Sorry lah if you were hoping for more exciting pictures. I have never been the party girl; or rather my circle of friends don't club, so no party pictures. If you want some party pictures from me, then drag me along to your next fiesta okay??

Ben came early morning and kidnapped drove me from place to place, popping surprises along the way. Haha!!! We started the day with just the two of us; but several people joined in at different points of the day and we ended up a merry party. To know in full detail, ask me. It was a long, enjoyable day which I can't type all here. But I will do my best with my pictures!!!

One of our stops was at Serai, Empire Subang. They actually had their 'rare' Berry Pavlova on display that day (because it's my birthday. Haha!!!). We ordered it along with the Moist Chocolate Cake, which wasn't moist. Hehe...But the pavlova was so nice!!

Berry Pavlova

Moist Chocolate Cake


Next stop, Betty's Midwest Kitchen at Aman Suria. This time we had something savoury in addition to our desserts.

'Dog Food'
And no, not literally dog food. It's fries with cheese and gravy.

Bread Pudding

Apple Crumble

From there we moved on to Sunway Giza. It was my first time there and literally all the shops there are FOOD shops. Wow. I didn't glimpse anything particularly eye-catching though. All mostly franchises. We went to Zun and had 'guai lin gou'. We were disappointed though. The 'guai lin gou' that they was too bitter and watery.

Guai lin gou
The honey served in cute little pots

Ben and I

Mini mini pots in a row!!!

Everyone. this is Monster. Ben's birthday present to me!!! Hehe!!!

Epic fail attempt to look like Monster.

After Sunway Giza, I was too full to take in anymore so we all voted to head back to Sunway Pyramid. It Ben very long to fight through the weekend jam to get back there though. Upon reaching there, we hung out around until dinner time where they all brought me to TGIF's where Abel, Sasi and Vemal. Thank you guys for the gift voucher. I still don't know what to get with it!!


I saw this coming. They told the waiters it was my birthday and true to TGIF's style they made me stand on the chair (I was wearing a short skirt, whoopee doo!!!) and sing and give a speech. Haha!!! Fortunately, there was a bigger party next to our table also celebrating a birthday, so I wasn't so out of place in that area. Well, after my efforts, we got this:-
Thank you TGIF. My second candle blowing for this year.

After we were all done and settled the bill, we had a group photo!!!
Sasi left early... =( so he's missing from the picture ). But anyway, thank you Joshua, Yoong, Khai Meng, Abel, Vemal and Sasi for taking the time to come and celebrate with me. I love you all. And most of all, thank you my dearest Ben, for going all out to organise a lovely day of indulgence for me. I love you.Image Hosted by

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