Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Sweet Stuff

Under Michelle's request, we went over to Ben's SumSum's house to make cupcakes. This is our third time baking cupcakes together and this time we were more prepared and ambitious.Image Hosted by We had Hershey's Chocolate Chips (oooh!!!) in stock, an assortment of colouring at the ready and rainbow sprinkles!!! And we tackled the recipe by doubling the recipe at one go instead of doing it one by one. Fuhh!!!

After about two hours plus hard work, we had 42 cupcakes sitting on the table. But the fun part had just begun!! Ben and I made butter icing and we coloured them with the colouring and made pipings so that we all could ice and decorate the cupcakes. This time there was enough icing to go around. Let me show you some of the very sweet fruits of our labour:-

Hehe..and let me show off two of my creations!!!
Sugar overload with the icing. Ben even spread Nutella on some of them and it was so RICH. Oooh...!!! One thing I learnt from this round of baking is to stick to the brand of sugar that I'm used to. Ben and I bought King's icing sugar and it was SO sweet!! Too sweet in fact. Of all the cupcakes we made, I could only eat 3 of them. Another factor is they looked too cute to eat!! Hehe!! Icing is so much fun!!Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by

And speaking of sweet stuff, Uncle brought us to Suchan for tea the other day while on the way back from dropping Ben's car for servicing. Ben did the ordering and we shared 3 cakes.

Banana Torte
I'm not a fan of bananas so thus I didn't really enjoy this one because it had banana slices between the layers. I would have liked it better if the banana had been creamed and layered between the cake since the chocolate layers were rather dry and could do with some moisture from more cream. A banana lover would appreciate this cake more than I did. =/

This Tiramisu was pretty good!! It had a nice coffee flavour and the red sauce thing was nice too. The nuts coating the cake was not as fresh and crunchy as the one in Serai but overall it was enjoyable. Aunty particularly liked this cake and even jokingly suggested ordering a second one.Image Hosted by

This one was my favourite!!! It's actually Chocolate Meringue with hazelnut cream. The meringue literally melted in my mouth and the hazelnut hint in it made every bite such a pleasure for me. I love hazelnut and chocolate!! (Never leave me alone with a pot of Nutella. Damages can be very serious.) I loved it!!!

I've been quite obsessed with meringues and pavlovas recently thanks to Ben. Haha!!! We tried to make some together but total fail in our first attempt. I'll tell about it in my next post; but for now, this stops here!!

Stay with me people!!

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