Sunday, 3 October 2010

Lexslide Empire Opening Day

Do you recall me mentioning a 4 story slide in Empire Subang which is the tallest indoor slide according to the Malaysian Book of Record?? (click here to read) I was interested to give it a try but was wary of the price. Ben and I agreed that we would pay at the most, RM10, to slide down this:-

The Lexslide
So we went to Empire Subang on it's opening day, 1st of October, to see if we could get a chance to slide down it. But we were disappointed. It was priced at RM12 per entry!!!! See:-Like seriously, RM12???!!!!! Ben and I totally backed off when we saw the price. I know it's only RM2 extra from the RM10 we were willing to pay, but we were already being VERY GENEROUS to be willing to pay RM10. Let me explain : In Genting, I pay RM10 to sit on the Flying Coaster, and that is like a serious piece of machinery where I get the thrill of an airborne feeling. And to pay RM12 to just sit on a piece of cloth and slowly slide down a simple slide structure which just happens to be 4 stories tall?? And come on, it was their so called 'Grand Opening' and they didn't even offer special prices for people to try their slide. I'm pretty sure if they just lower the price to say, RM5, they would gain wayyyy more from volume. Horrible marketing strategy.

Serves them right to have only one customer when we were there. I guess a lot of people did what we did; gape at the price, frown and walk away.Moving away from the slide topic, here are some food pictures for your viewing pleasure. Random ones since I neglected to publish them although they were uploaded and sitting in my drafts. =P

Kenny Rogers Quarter Meal

It was lunch with Michelle and Ben. I like the Mac 'n Cheese there but their mas potatoes seem to be getting more tasteless with every visit. =.= At least the chicken was still good. We brought Michelle to Paddington's for dessert since she's never been before and had the tea-time set. My usual Pot of Gold which I didn't snap but this time Ben ordered a Dutch Pannekoek. Interesting. It's rather like a crepe and I over-squeezed the lemon on it, making it so zesty. Hehe!! But it still tasted alright.

Sprinkled with blueberries..

And on a different day, I went to Snowflake with Ben, Aunty and Jessica before they sent me back. I was craving for the Bestseller. It was a madhouse as usual when we went there but we managed to bag ourselves a table.

Our orders

Yay!!! Another post completed!!!
*Pats self on back*
Stay with me, people!!

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