Wednesday, 23 March 2011


The past few mornings have been rather chilly. Brrr...but I like it.Image Hosted by
Better cold than hot, I always say. Anyway, today was the 2010 SPM Results Day and Aunty asked me first thing in the morning whether I'd like to follow her to meet Michelle as she went to collect her results slip. I decided against it in case my presence there would contribute to more 'pressure'. Anyway, let me post up my congrats again to Michelle for her excellent results. You did good girl!!

I went to Louisa's place to hang out a while before going to college. She had her air-con on full blast as usual despite the cool weather.Image Hosted by I think have permanent goosebumps from her air-con. Afnan was there as well and the three of us had a few rounds of Scrabble with her new Travel Scrabble set. Woohoo!! I LOVE Scrabble!! I used to play it like crazy and I find it pretty addictive.
Picture from Round 3

After Scrabble I went to college and dropped by the library to search some stuff. It was FREEZING there and I got my stuff done quickly before running to the Computer Lab for my slide-show course class. Yea, I'm attending computer classes where I'm supposed to learn how to use Microsoft PowerPoint. The stuff that has been taught so far were just refreshers for me since my Mum taught me how to use PowerPoint way back when I was just a kid. Today's class was unfortunately super boring because we weren't given any mini projects to work on and test our skills. I was so bored and the cold didn't help. Thank goodness he ended early!!!

I headed back to Bangsar and went to Starbucks as a celebration of sorts for Michelle's results. We saw a group of rowdy guys fighting outside the BV Entrance. Goodness. Luckily they had stopped when we ordered our drinks and snacks. I shared a Green Tea Frappe with Aunty which was a bit chunky but still nice.
Banana Chocolate Muffin

Marble Cheesecake

Oh yea, we spotted a giant mushroom on the curb. It's the type of mushroom that pop out of the ground when it rains. This one is a tough survivor and has grown to about the size of my palm!!!

Looks like a mini umbrella growing out of the grass!!

Michelle poked it lightly with dried grass and I went,"Nooo...". Haha!! I wonder what I looked like, squatting by the curb wit my camera at night. Well, I'm afraid it won't be there anymore tomorrow morning. Good luck Giant Mroomy. You're a tough one.

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