Saturday, 12 March 2011

Art Revisited

All too soon, I am back in KL!! And this time there was no train drama.
The weather has been quite rainy and cool here. A bonus during the nights. I went to CG yesterday and it was good to see the lovely people of W31 after quite some time. Image Hosted by

Anyway, I got in touch with my inner artist today thanks to Emily. Gosh, one of the few things I miss about school was my position as the Interior Decoration Committee Head during my Librarian days. Where Buncho paints, art blocks and nylon paintbrushes could make my day; and I was allowed to go crazy and decorate notice boards the size of entire walls to my liking. Those were the days...where most of my the juniors under my committee probably cursed me for my over-enthusiasm in the decoration.Image Hosted by No apologies there.

Reminiscence over.
Let me show you what Emily and I came up with!!!

Masterpiece No 1
This was a reject when the blue part didn't turn out. So I went a little morbid on it with the grey paint. HAHA!! I totally enjoyed the randomness off just adding stuff here and there like the drowning fellow clutching the float and the lightning.

Actually, the effect we WERE going for was this:-

Masterpiece No 2
Now isn't that much better??? This is something which I did for my art assignments years ago and I love this technique because it's simple yet produces nice effects. Was fun to show it to her. So yup, we're satisfied with today's art project.

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