Saturday, 26 March 2011

Appetising and Unappetising

Just as I posted about how the weather was cold, it decided to prove me wrong and turned BURNING HOT for the past two days. My goodness. Now I know what a melting ice-cube feels like. I really don't like perspiring and being sticky all over. Ugh. Okay, lets move from this sweaty topic. Thinking about it is making me feel like reaching for my antiperspirant.

Let me show you the chocolate cake I baked the other day. My celebratory cake for Michelle's results. Unfortunately the cake wasn't very celebratory because it didn't rise properly and I wasn't pleased with the texture. But at least it was edible and still tasted good. Nice and chocolatey..only I'm (being the baking monster) not very happy with the texture.

Chocolate cake!!!

I made a lemon cheesecake at Aunty's request earlier today. It's happily chilling in the fridge and I'll get a picture of it tomorrow. Hehe...dessert making is a joy when there are people to eat your desserts!! Joy!! Image Hosted by

On a different topic altogether now, I went back to my room before cell group and I nearly fell down when I walked to the front grill. I stepped on something and my foot slid under me. And when I look down, this was what I saw:-

Lets take a closer look:
Empty crab shells. What the HELL??? Someone in the house obviously didn't manage their trash properly. Strewn all over the front door like that. It looked so terrible and the smell coming from it was awful too!!! Gosh..I'm disliking my house more and more. Don't get me started on what the kitchen is like.

Anyway, this week's cell group was a short session but Faith surprised us all with a quiz!! OMG. It was a short quiz testing how well we knew our CG, our church and the Bible. I didn't score well on the church part but thankfully got full marks in the Bible knowledge section. Image Hosted by I think the question I liked the most was : "Who was the first person murdered in the Bible??" Haha!! Was a fun marking each others answers. I decided to join in felowship and went to Jalan 222 for a very late dinner before heading back to Bangsar.

Hokkien Mee
Full of lardy goodness...
I felt full after eating half of it but in the end I finished it. Fat-ness!!!

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