Sunday, 27 March 2011

McDonald's Breakfasts Overload

For the past two weeks, the staff of McDonald's Malaysia working the morning shifts have had to cope with unusually huge breakfast crowds. Long lines in front of every cashier (until spilling out of the shop in some cases) and the kitchen a bustle trying to keep up with the breakfast orders. Why the sudden enthusiasm for McDonald's breakfast you ask??? For those who are still in the dark, McDonald's have been giving away free Big Breakfast-s as appreciation for being voted a favourite brand and winning the Gold Putra Brand Award for the second consecutive year.
That is the poster I took from the official McDonald's Malaysia FB Page. You can actually click to view the full size, save and print it out to redeem you Big Breakfast with a minimum purchase of RM5 before tax. They accept the printed coupons; don't worry I'm not tricking you. The coupons are valid only until 31st March 2011 though so hurry hurry if you want your share of McDonald's breakfast!!!

I was part of the mad breakfast crowd 4 times, the first 3 times was three days in a row. Ikidyounot. It was unintentional because I told friends and family about it and ended up being included in those breakfast excursions. It seems like the crowds get madder as time passes and more and more people are aware of it. This was the crowd at Bangsar the other day:-

I didn't take pictures of the rest of the people lining up OUTSIDE the shop!!!
Anyway, these were our Big Breakfast-s courtesy of McDonald's Malaysia which I finally took pictures of. Total cost of RM15++ for the four of us.Thank you McDonald's!! I'm pretty sure you brought a lot of families together with this offer. Image Hosted by
Salutes to the McDonald's staff who were kept on their toes trying to cope with the crowds. They must be longing for the month to end so that things will be 'normal' again and they only have to cope with mad lunch crowds.


Before I end this post, just let me spam more food pictures (isn't this what I do best here and you love from me???). I was at Betty's with Aunty and Michelle for lunch. Been quite some time since I was here and their food is still excellently sinful!!! We shared the Soft Ribs which are Aunty's special favourite:-
Yummy yummy!!!
So while you drool over the pictures, I shall go and research detox and slimming plans.
Wish me luck..

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Hilda Milda™ said...

I was a part of this mcd breakfast promo thing too! Thank goodness I went on a weekday morning so it wasnt that crowded (:

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