Monday, 8 December 2008


SPCA...sue me if you like;but I have no kindness to spare for the little creatures who are making themselves comfortable in my home. These little creatures (a.k.a PESTS) have been increasing in numbers since I moved into my current home last May.

I love animals...but my love does not extend to mosquitoes who buzz in my ears when I'm in bed and suck the blood out of me,the rats which clatter around behind the kitchen cupboards and do acrobatic stunts on the kitchen blinds,the cockroaches which appear from the bathroom drainage hole,and certainly NOT the icky lizards who make the ceilings their playground. The fact that they shit everywhere;even on the walls does not make them more appealing to me.

They have been making surprise appearances everywhere...the living room,the study,the kitchen and MY ROOM!!!You may read about what I did to a giant lizard which overstayed his non-existent welcome in my room previously here.

Anyway,last night..I was fetching my clean laundry from my parents' room when I felt something brushing my foot.I thought I was a stray sleeve from the pile of clothes I was juggling;so I lowered a glance to my right foot. To my horror,there was a baby lizard slowly creeping away from my little toe. I swear it was trying to creep away unnoticed but as soon it realised that its cover was blown,it started scuttling away as fast as it could under the sofa.

I was in the process of rolling up a magazine when my brother,Joshua,walked into the room and stared at me (rolling the magazine as compact as possible) and the pile of clean clothes dumped on the floor.

"What are you doing??"
"Cehh...."Image Hosted by

And with that sympathetic look,my bro proceeded to move the sofa and with a swift whack on the floor,caught hold of the scuttling baby lizard. Eww..I cannot stand touching lizards. They're clammy and cold...and they might take bite out of my finger. Yuk. Image Hosted by
He was happily walking towards the bathroom with the beady-eyed,brown creature in his hand when I grabbed the cam and snapped a picture for its obituary.Here:-
So,before I end my post..I would like to thank the lizard who gave its life for this post.
And may this be another warning to pests attempting to infiltrate my domain.
Have a nice day.

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Crazyfool - Make You Crazy And FooL said...

omg still use hand hold it -_-

janerrol said...

hi nice blog... wanna exchange link

Zee bo Bee said...


For a moment there I couldn't believe you actually held the lizard...the I read through it again and of course it was your bro. have rats? Like I can tolerate most "little creature". Lizards as long as they're not in my room, mosquitoes...maybe. But RATS? If they're not white or freakin' way!...

how do you deal with THAT? Still, now that I think about it, I don't think I could bring myself to actually kill a rat. It's too much like a hamster or something.


JoYce said...

Hey janerrol,

JoYce said...

Hey Zee bo Bee,
I HAVE touched a lizard before and it wasn't intentional. Haha.

Well,rats..they somehow managed to climb to my roof and I saw one passing by my window sill (THANK GOODNESS for window nettings!!!) But mostly rat drama only happens in the kitchen.

I love hamsters but rats don't get my mercy because they're so NOT cute like hamsters. So far,i've never killed any rats.only my dad and bro kill them.

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