Tuesday, 23 December 2008

What I've been up to...

Just thought I would fill in some stuff which I've been up to since I took pictures.

1. CY4 Reunion Outing

On the morning after Camp, dim sum breakfast in Foh San. After eating,everyone went back to my house to talk. It was nice to catch up and confide in the people whom I hold so dearly in my heart. Here's a funny picture I took:-Because it had been such a long time since we spent time together, breakfast was not enough and we went out for a all-you-can-eat steamboat cum hotplate at 2+1. It was raining horrifically when we set out for the place. Perfect weather for steamboat but terrible for driving. I nearly died while driving to Qi Vin's house for the carpool there. Thank goodness I did not have to drive all the way to the restaurant. Everyone was soaked when we reached there. But the food made up for the discomfort. See pictures:-

Sizzle sizzle...


The durian ice-cream I took for Abel who requested,"One bowl. Full bowl okay!!!!"
And when I outdid myself,he was complaining....And they say girls are hard to please........sheesh... =.=


2. I got my Esprit Cap!!!!

THANK YOU NAS, CHRISTINA AND ABEL for enabling me to stick my head into this baby!!!!

How do I look???

And thank you Yin Yep and Sze Haw for helping me choose this. Haha!!!!! (I'm obsessed with this cap )

3. Dong Zhi

I like this festival because it allows me to enjoy some quality time with my family. We will sit together to make Tong Yun. If you want to know how to make it click here. Here's this year's product. Sweet stuff... XD


Okay....that's all for now.
Now I'm going to sleep and dream of Christmas!!!
It's Christmas Eve tomorrow!!!

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