Wednesday, 10 December 2008

White Party and so on...

Okay..I know,I know...I promised the pictures asap but I forgot to bring the cam to the party,I had to wait for others to post up the photos for me to swipe (we didn't take many anyway) and I only took a few photos with my mobile. By the way,if you're wondering what the White Party was about,it was something like an Oscars event in my church,CGMC. They had gave prizes for 'Most Daring','Most Perasan','Funniest Laugh' get the picture.To make it more interesting,they required us to dress in white to attend. Unfortunately,yours truly does not own a white dress (or make that...ANY dresses) so I could not turn up in style at the White Party.Image Hosted by I did my best with my white blouse and heels. However,thankfully the others attending were not like me and outdid themselves..they looked so glamorous (and I'm talking about the GIRLS). The guys... *shake my head*.

Not that we want you guys to compete for mirror time,but it would be nice if you took a LITTLE effort for special events; considering that we girls do. Its only fair right???

Chrys,Sze Haw and me.

A few days before the Party,we went to watch Twilight and Chrys dragged the both of us around JJ for her much sought-after white eyeliner. YES..eyeliner. I think we must have tested every white eyeliner in sight and I got so caught up in the hunt that I ended up buying too. I wasn't very good at using it though. It's supposed to 'open up my eyes' but I only suceeded in making myself look ghostly,so I scrubbed of the entire works and used it sparingly in my second attempt at the eye.Need more practice...perhaps I should use eye make-up more often. See the picture:-
Spot the white eyeliner??
Never mind...
We had dinner before the 'awards ceremony' and we all lined up for our plates in the Garden Terrace. Our dinner consisted of macaroni with mushroom sauce (or was it stew??) with chicken wing and a corn. Here's a picture:-

Abel says: Let me at 'em!!!

I didn't really enjoy my meal because I was having so much trouble handling the chicken wing with a fork and spoon on a flat plate. I was afraid of sending it flying towards the person opposite me;or worst...flying towards ME. Plus the fact everyone was wearing white...bravo. Didn't fancy the corn either but I finished my food as best as I could. However,it wasn't so bad because I had this cute fella sitting to my right:-
He was happily tucking into the food with his big bro; Emmanuel, and making conversation with the other guys at the table. Sweet.

After our meal,we re-entered the Sanctuary to be entertained by the hilarious pictures on the screen set for the award nominees. It was totally funny and we all laughed in good fun. It was over too soon though. Sorry I can't give you the full works. *Kick myself again for forgetting the camera* But a picture before I left:-

Finished about the White Party,let me give a quick run through of other things.

There was this balloon maze set up in JJ (they've taken it down and replaced them with the usual towering and heavily ladened Christmas trees) and it was quite charming to see little kida rushing around in total excitement in it. Oh,to be seven-years-old again.
I also tried the new KFC Hot Rods with my bro.
My bro posing with them:
To be's a total rip-off. I would rather have a real satay. The Hot Rod is just skewered pieces of fried chicken breast meat. I think we're better off with real chicken pieces. At least that will give us a finger-licking good time. Just my opinion.

Oh yeah,I bought my new laptop at the PC Fair and am loving it.Image Hosted by
Long live Toshiba!!!!

That's all for now.


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