Sunday, 7 December 2008

Steamboat...Yum Yum.

My family had a steamboat fiesta at home the other day. It was a completely mouth-watering affair. My mum made fish soup as the soup base for the steamboat and I unearthed the electric steamboat pot from the kitchen cupboards and busied myself helping to layout the steamboat ingredients from the fridge. At 6:30 pm...we were all seated at the table anticipating our dinner.

The table before we started.
And my bro looking VERY ready for dinner...
Some of the things which were thrown into the pot:-

Mushrooms (my personal favourite straw mushrooms)..

And MORE mushrooms...

Everybody's favourite prawns:-


There were fish,veggies and vermicelli too. Everything was slid into the boiling fragrant soup..My dad was demonstrating the perfect steamboat pose.
Steamboat = many yummy things in a potBoil boil..

And a s soon as my mum gave the green light..everyone dived for the ladles (my mum thoughtfully provided a ladle for each person) and dug in....literally. I was too busy tucking in to take many pictures but my mum n I were playing with the prawns...

De-shelled and delicious...Yummy...

After an hour and a half of hard work..every edible scrap was gone. HAHA!!!
And washed down with grapes.Now THAT was what I call a steamboat.

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