Sunday, 28 December 2008

It's hard to say "Goodbye"...

Okay,I have been looking through my posts for the past month and I can't believe I've missed out something important which I meant to tell. So here goes:-
Image Hosted by I'm going to be transferring to Sunway PJ.

Yeah,no joke. I have already been registered for classes and accommodation there. I will be moving into my apartment on the 2nd of January and my classes will commence on the 5th. I have not even set foot nor even seen Sunway PJ since all the necessary procedures were done by my Dad, so I am pretty much moving into the unknown.

How does one tell the people around her that she is going away?? Though it was easy to tell my friends already in KL that I was going to be transferred (their welcoming responses really warmed my heart); I had no idea how to tell the friends dear to me in Ipoh. It felt wrong somehow. I can't chirp,"Oh,by the way, I'm going to KL. Bye!!" I kept my silence until after the exams.

I apologize for keeping you in the dark. It was not that I did not want to tell, I did not know HOW to tell.

I have been spending the past few days packing my stuff. Its quite a nightmare trying o fit all my stuff into minimum luggage though I certainly DON'T have that many things. Whoever would have thought clothes hangers take up so much space.Image Hosted by I even got emotional while packing. Don't get me wrong, I am excited to go to KL, but so sad to leave everything familiar to me in Ipoh.

Anyway, I think I'll stop emo-ing and tell about the Farewell Lunch in Aberdeen Cafe Yin Yep organized for me to spend time with my friends before I left. He told me to dress up a bit for the photos so how did you think I do???
I had to give Yin Yep a ride since his car was being serviced or something, so we met in JJ and headed to Aberdeen 10 minutes to 1. Noone had arrived yet when we entered so we ordered drinks to pass the time while waiting for the fashionably late. Since the cam is always with me these days, I snapped around...

My Blueberry Mocha Shake...
I have no idea why they served it in a cheap plastic cup instead of a nice tall glass like Yin Yep's Mocha Ice:-Moreover, mine was more expensive!! Unfairness...Image Hosted by
Anyway,we waited..and waited. . . . . And waited....and Abel arrived with Christina around 1:25 p.m. and waited too:-
I had finished my drink by the time everyone arrived (except Jian Yao who had a slight accident and didn't come in the end, poor guy.) and ordered another drink with my set lunch:-

Honeydew is refreshing...
I didn't know it was going to be SO big....

Su Nyen's (dieting)

Mei Theng's
Smelt pretty good...

Yin Yep's
Watermelon Fried Rice... =.=
And after eating. Pictures pictures pictures:-
Christina, Me and Vemal

Me and Bavanee

Me and Mei Theng

The Christmas trees were still up in that place so I ended up being the 'Mascot' which everyone took turns taking a picture with.Image Hosted by

And group picture:

THANK YOU guys so much for coming and spending time with me. And to those who couldn't make it but sent me messages wishing me well, THANK YOU for thinking about me. I will try to come back often and spend time with you all. In the meantime, do keep in touch always. I love you all!!


Some randomness to end this post....

Yummy biscuits!!! With a free mini Panda in it:-

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