Monday, 22 December 2008

The Laziest Angel...MINE!!!

A little spin off from Youth Camp 2008.

While in the bus,on the way there,every camper was given a slip of paper another camper's name in it. This was the 'Angel,Mortal' game which we were supposed to play during the duration of the camp. Each person plays 'Angel' to the assigned person (the Mortal) and each person has an Angel and Mortal. Get it?? Meaning we take care of a person and get taken care of by another different person. And we were not supposed to let our Mortal know who we are. (Okay,I'll stop the detailed descriptions and get on with it)

Anyway,my Mortal was Reuben. Well,I was sneakily passing sweets and stuff to him through other people and even went up to him with a cup of Milo and said,"From your Angel." Everyone was doing that. Well,everyone;it seems...except MY Angel.

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Oh yea..nobody came up to me with stuff and went,"From your angel." I felt kind of left out seeing others getting goodies and funny notes from their Angels. Look at this funny one Sze Haw got from her's :-


Actually,for the first two days;I was not the only one who was feeling Angel-less. Eugene made this sign and sat at an empty table with it:-
But came the last night...and still nil from my Angel.

Annoyed. . . . .

I stood up and voted my Angel as the Laziest Angel during the last session when they called for it. I was dying to know who my Angel was....So my Angel was asked to reveal himself.

And my Angel was.....

Philemon Lim

This post is NOT to diss him!!!!!Carry on reading please!!!

On the first day of Camp itself. Philemon suddenly approached me and started making conversation. Well,I did find it a little strange because I have never talked to him before. I thought he was there because he knew Xian,who was with me.

Well,he was really nice to us (me, SzeHaw, Chrys, Michelle and Jo)..He was the only guy who stuck around when we suddenly had the urge to jump up and down to get an airborne picture;and offered to stand behind the lens while we were making a scene by jumping,screaming and laughing. (We actually made people stare at us...malu...)

Basically,he was being an Angel in a different way from others'. Not with gifts but by spending time,getting to know and lending a hand when he could. I guess that is the way an Angel should be right?? Compared to me,just giving gifts to my Mortal but barely spending personal time building relationships??? It gave me something to reflect on about materialism....

In my defense though; I did not know he was my Angel and I did not even get a sign that my Angel existed...that is why I voted my Angel as the laziest. But after the relevation,and looking back at his effort...I want to take it back and say:

Philemon, you deserve MY Best Angel Award!!!!!!!! So here's to you!!!!!

A modified quote adapted from Louisa M.Alcott's book :

"Well,Camp has come and gone,I have received no gifts nor earned no glory,but I have made a friend worth having."


2 squeaked:

Harmony said...

lazy angels? HAAH

Philemon said...

LOL. i searched my name on google and WOW i just saw this =O

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