Sunday, 21 December 2008

CGMC Youth Camp 2008

As I have reached my last -teen year,this is most probably my last Youth Camp

Venue: MBS, Rawang
Speaker: Pastor Daniel Singh

This is seriously the BIGGEST Youth Camp I've ever been to. By big I mean the number of people who attended. Back in 2003 (or was it 2002??) ,my first Youth camp in Stella Maris...we filled up one bus. This year;2008..the total number of Youths filled up THREE buses. Man,this is truly the work of God,making our Youth Group grow triple fold in just 5 or 6 years.

When I signed up for Camp this year,I was thinking to myself,"I'm gonna be in the Oldies group. But at least I won't be alone." Most of the old CY4 group signed up as well because we remembered the 2004 Camp there as one of the best camps we ever attended. So,we 'Oldies' made a pact to go for the camp;and Hugo was happily chirping,"It's going to be a CY4 reunion!!!
*For once Joyce remembered to bring a camera and EVEN BETTER..snapped pictures.Image Hosted by


All Campers gathered at CGMC at 9:30 a.m. to pray for journey mercy (led by Pastor Ashok) and boarded our respective buses. I was in Bus C. Unfortunately,the journey there was pretty quite because yours truly was so sleepy (due to sleeping at 1 a.m. the previous night..don't ask me why) and snoozed the whole journey with SzeHaw,who was sitting with me.Image Hosted by

Upon reaching MBS,we all got of the bus and dragged our bags with us,gladly anticipating settling down into our rooms...but NOOOOOO...we were wrong. After depositing our stuff into a room,we were divided into our groups (total of 8 in all and I was in Group 8) and were asked to get to know each other and think of our group name.

Nostalgia. In the previous camp there,Joanna and I were in the same group. This time,we were put into the same group too. Here was us back in 2004:-

Back row from the left: Jo and me
And year 2008 group:

Back (from left): Yong Han,Jheston,Kai Juen,SzeHaw,Jo,me,Xian,Joon Yang,Andrew
Front (from left): Pui Ping,Annabelle,Grace,Benjamin,Nicholas

Each group assigned a colour bandanna and we were supposed to come up with a name relevant to it. Ours was green and Kai Juen was the group leader. Man,I'm totally crap at thinking of names..but after some off-tracking and head scratching;we came up with this:-

Yeshhh...the GREEN HULKS!!!
We had to play games after coming up with the group names. I was wearing the WRONG outfit for games!!!!JEANS and blouse..I was sweating profusely and VERY thankful when they finally let us check into our dorm. I was in a dorm with 8 other girls and we slept on bunks. This is the one I shared with Chrys:-

The view from my bed:-

Let me bring you on a quick tour around the place:-
The pool:-

The dining area:-
The Convenience Store:-
Look at the price of the stuff sold there:-

Joyce was so rich that she could afford the most expensive thing there:-

Image Hosted by


Woke up really early to go for a morning swim. It had been a long time since I had a morning swim.
Sze Haw took this...don't ask.... XP

Station Games today. MBS is well equipped for Station Games because there are fields scattered among the buildings.including a obstacle course, and the whole ground covers quite a big space. We had to RUN from one station to another and were given a time limit to complete the games at every station. The very first station my group stopped by was the Commando Crawl game!!! It left me with many souvenirs on my poor knees, Look:-


But we HULKS persevere....ahahaaha!!!!
And Rosey Xian gave himself a new name to roll off our tongues:

MALAT = Malas Lalat
C.M.I la!!!!!!
Image Hosted by

Kidding...but I somehow could not get a decent picture with Xian. This was the closest I could get:-

*Note: This post is taking TOO long so I shall juz hurry forward and say it with pictures.Image Hosted by


We were all getting into the Camp mood yo!!!!Chrys describing the mood:-
We had quite a big chunk of free time and I whipped out my cam and got busy...

Me doing some wannabe cute posing... =.="

Chrys loves me... XD

Fresh from our bath.....
There was a Scavenger Hunt that that left us all pretty worn out and tired...wasn't much fun but we resolved to enjoy our last night there.More pictures ahead...

This is what Xing Yao thinks of the food they serve in MBS:-Nah....actually what happened was I said to him,"Wei!!Look at the camera!!"
and he went," NGAH???!!!!!!!"

The last night in our dorm...we were getting ready for an all night long pillow talk. Look how excited we were. Woohoo!!!:-

But someone fell asleep....

Image Hosted by

And Michelle was too busy with her Honey Buns to talk much...
But Chrys,Jo and I talked til about 4 in the morning (do you feel the song coming on???)...and finally z zz ZZZZ ZZz z zz zz z z z z. . . . .. . . . . .. . . .


Time to go home.....
As we wait for the bus..

Photo Session!!!!

CY 1!!!

And supposedly some CY4 picture but everyone was too distracted with the huge mirror there...ahaha....
MGS girls...

Michelle and me...
And all campers say 'Cheese'..
(click on the photo to see the full size...)

Some people got REAAAALLLY restless when the buses were late to reach....
'Welcoming; the visitors at the lobby desk... Hugo the Camp Papa!!!

And Jon....(I didn't even know this was in my camera..)

And when the bus finally came...Abel said....

Please come again,thank you!! *curtsy*

Okay!!!I'm finally done with this long long post.So thanks for staying with me people.

Youth Camp was FUN!!!!!

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