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If you're reading this post it means I have finally managed to upload the photos and SQUEEZE some effort to be rajin and patient; to bear the with the slow line to update. I meant to put up several separate posts on this super busy and fruitful week where I spent quality time with a lot of VIP-s.Image Hosted by But I have to put this in bullet points since there are posts lining up in my drafts folder!!!

Went out with Ben. First, we went to RedBox for lunch. If I am not mistaken they were having a promo where they don't charge patrons for snacks and tidbits for the week. We booked a place for K-Lunch (my first time going for it since I normally just go for student rate) and used his "Free 1 Head Charge" coupon for the bill. I still have 1 more by the who's up for the next session?? After RedBox, we watched Remember Me.Was quite a nice movie. For some reason, Ben and I were the only ones laughing at the dry humour that some of the scenes and dialogues. The rest of the cinema were laughing only when there were sudden fast forwards where some scenes had been censored. What kind of humour is that??Image Hosted by

It was Family Movie Night!!!My two aunts had planned for us to watch Alice In Wonderland. My Yee-Yee bought the tickets for the 3D show in 1U for the 6 of us; consisting of my two aunts, Yoong, Josh, Ben, Rachel and I. Josh and I met up for lunch with Yee-Ma and Yoong in Pyramid, where Yoong showed me her new white wedges (I bought a pair too and we can be white wedges sisters together now!!!Image Hosted by and had a nice time chattering and listening to Josh and Yoong bickering away.Image Hosted by Yee-Ma drove us all to 1U and we arrived nice and early with some time to check out the MPH book-fair there. I got myself two books : The Last Song and Great Expectations.Yay!!!Image Hosted by

We headed for the cinema as soon as Yee-Yee called to say she'd arrived and bought some snacks before going into the cinema. My Yee-Yee had an unpleasant encounter with a horrible, RUDE cashier at the snack counter when she was buying her things. Yoong and I happened to be there to witness it and were see-ing RED. The both of us started saying sarcastic things to him and loudly discussed complaining to his manager because he didn't know how to SHUT UP and give the customer what she wants. What an a$$****. I think we were already kind not to kick up a huge fuss. Anyway, we entered the cinema and were given cool, actual 3D glasses to watch the show. I totally enjoyed myself.Image Hosted by

After the movie, Uncle Alex joined us in Chilli's for dinner. Since none of us were very hungry, we shared some appetisers and helped ourselves too from the kids' kid meals. As usual, the portions in Chilli's were very generous and we were all STUFFED. Yee jokingly offered Yoong and I a Margarita to share; I would have seriously considered that offer had I not been so full. Haha!! Food pictures here:-

I didn't realise how big the Alice In Wonderland mania was until Pui San dragged me to MidValley to take pictures of the Huge Alice in Wonderland decors which have been set up in the Center Court :-

Talking flowers

Giant mushrooms

Even the Mad Hatter's tea party table
Pui San and her friend Kah Mun left after snapping pictures around the place. It was considered quite crowded for a weekday there. Anyway, after they left, I walked around The Gardens while waiting for Ben to arrive. I love how quiet, yet not the eerie silence type, The Gardens can be. It's almost therapeutic. Haha!! When Ben finally made his appearance, we went to collect our tickets for The Lovely Bones:-
I never keep up with cinema movie listings, so I never heard of it until Ben told me he bought the tickets. Anyway, it was alright. Had some hair-raising parts where you get to see a pedophile at work. Creepy much. Lucky I didn't have to watch it alone.Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by

After the movie, we had a pretty unsatisfying dinner at The Spaghetti Farm. So to make up for it, he introduced me to the Tiramisu with Rum in Austin Chase. It was good except that I couldn't really taste the rum even though Ben was saying that it went straight to his head. Haha!!! Talk about alcohol tolerance. Image Hosted by Oops.


So it's been a busy week. It was just so nice to be able to spend quality time with my VIP-s. I hope to be able to do this more often. One last thing to slot in before I end this post. Pui San finally fulfilled her threat of dragging me to the Paddington House of Pancakes. She has been mentioning it every time I see her. We went during tea-time where they have their tea-time sets. RM7.80 for a selected choice of pancakes and a drink. We settled for the Pot of Gold which are dollar pancakes (bite-size mini pancakes) with chocolate sauce,nut sprinkles with marshmallows and caramel sauce topped with vanilla ice-cream. When our order came, it looked too adorable to eat!!:-

See the dollar pancakes??
The serving looks small but it's actually a LOT because they layer the pancakes neatly on top of each other. Pui San and I were swooning over each bite. We nearly killed ourselves also when Pui San, thinking that the pancakes wouldn't be enough, ordered a 'drink' which turned out to be a Mango and Passionfruit Sundae because she misread the heading.I had to help her finish this:-

Image Hosted by

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