Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Books, bags and whatnot

I WAS going to post up a nice, food-filled and fun-filled update about my weekend. BUT the oh-so-wonderful hostel connection is not allowing to upload photos into that particular draft which has some pictures pending. Thus, I gave up on it and started on this on; which for some weird reason, I could upload photos. I guess that other post will have to wait for time being.

I watched Book of Eli the other day with W31 (Angelica and Stanley are baaaack!!!).It was...alright. I can usually form my opinion about a movie about halfway through or after it ends but I really could not place my feelings when the credits started rolling. Quoting Nat, "It's a the type of movie which you need to chew on to decide what to think." I'm not going to give spoilers so you may continue reading. There's a fair bit of gore and violence in there (think gooey blood spattering here and there) and at times it went a bit too slow. However, we all agreed that the script was very very well written. The right word came out at the right places at the right times. And of course, much applause to Denzel Washington as the main character. I think he really immersed himself into that character. Oh ya, Angelica and I were drooling over all the cool Ray-Bans that the people in the movie were sporting. Nice!! I wasn't very satisfied with the ending, though. Hmm...conclusion?? Still don't know what I feel. Haha!! So if you have actually read through this paragraph, thank you and sorry of you don't get me.

Anyway, I went to the bookstore today; which is a place I totally try to AVOID. I get my patience stretched each time I go to that area and I am not the only one who says that. Still, to be fair; there was a new chap manning the counter today and he actually knew what he was doing and very quickly handed me everything that I had went to collect. Which is SUCH a nice change from the previous fellow; who is always not there,slow and confuses everything. I hope this one stays.

So I got my P3-Business Analysis Volume 1 and I got a nice surprise with it. A little 'gift' from Sunway University College to their students:-

And inside the bag were these:-
Now this is rather nice. Last year's was a bag,pencil box and T-shirt. I'm pretty pleased with this year's one because I like sling bags like these. Extremely convenient for ACCA students like me since all we gotta do is chuck everything inside and sling it over our shoulders and rush to our next class. No need to take extra time zipping or buttoning. Haha!! I've been using bags like these ever since I discovered they don't tear easily and are big enough to contain files. Convenient + practical.

Alright..I have managed to successfully complete a post here with the lousy connection. Miracles do happen!!! *Sarcasm overdose* Now I have to go off and cook dinner with the girls.

Menu :
1. Spaghetti Carbonara
2. Mushroom and Cheese Omelet
3. Egg and Potato Salad
4. Mango Juice
5. Honeydew
6. Dark Chocolate

Yup, everything checked. Now to cook. Weeeee!!!!!!

2 squeaked:

Samuel said...

reminder: those sling bags can also be used for grocery shopping during the weekends at Jusco when they don't hand out plastic bags~ :P

JoYce said...

yup!!!and the best part is u can fold them into a tiny size n stuff them into ur pocket or bag when you are not using them. :D

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