Sunday, 28 March 2010

Chin up..and smile. =)

I was reflecting on the topic of our last cell-group discussion and I decided to write it down here as a reminder to myself and also to share with you. Specially to certain friends who are feeling low at the moment. Down time may not be pleasant but they are what make 'Up' treasurable.Image Hosted by Here's some food for thought. I will try my level best to write out what I understood from our discussion:

*No puns intended alright. Just typing out according to my very candid thoughts.

~The 7 Truths about Self-Esteem~

1. Humility is not the same as humiliation
Yea, being modest and humble is commendable. We think that; when people praise us, going, "No lah..I'm actually very bad/not good/terrible." makes us 'humble'?? If you don't like to say those things to others then why should you say those things to yourself?? It is OKAY to accept praise. Smile and say,"Thank you." next time. Image Hosted by

2. Putting off the sinful nature is not the same as putting yourself down
Stop kicking yourself for every bad thing you did in the past. Just look ahead and make a conscious effort not to repeat them.

3. Self-denial is not the same as self-degradation
Praising other people and appreciating their efforts is generous of you. However you don't have to take a chunk out of yourself in the process by adding "...I don't think I can be like you." at the end of your praise. It's not necessary.

4. Unworthy is not the same as worthless
Yes, I might not deserve the "Nicest Person In The World" award but NO, it does not mean I deserve the "Lousiest Bum In The Universe" award. I am not nothing!!!

5. Self-love is not the same as selfishness
It is okay to think about yourself. But if you think about yourself ONLY, then the world will become a very lonely place for you soon.

6. Self-affirmation is not the same as self-conceit
There is a difference between thinking "I can do it!!" and "Of course I can..I'm better than anyone else what!!"

7. Self-aware is not the same as self-absorbed
Tell me about your achievements, your happy news, your good relationships and all the good things you did and also about your life. I love it when you share with me because that is what friends are for.I am happy for you.Image  Hosted by But if ALL you ever talk about is YOU, I don't love it so much. Sorry. =/


It's been a while since I posted up something like this.
Hopefully I have not scared anyone away!!

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